Nintendo Switch Pro news: Nintendo exec teases “future game consoles”! Release date, controllers, specs, price and rumours about the Super Switch console

Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch Pro.

by Tom Owen

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success, but who wouldn’t want a Pro version? And if the latest Nintendo comments are anything to go by, there could be some big Switch news coming soon!

With the competitors bringing out next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X this year, a Nintendo Switch Pro could (in theory) build on the existing console with new features. Some people also like calling it the ‘Super Switch‘ – nice name, ey?

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At this stage, it’s mostly rumoured but in some of their press conferences Nintendo has repeatedly referenced “a new Nintendo Switch model”. And since the current model has some annoying problems like Joy-Con drift, a revamped version would be welcome.

Here’s everything that’s known about the rumoured new console, including its potential release date, specs, features and the latest news…

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Nintendo Switch Pro news – latest Nintendo comments!

At a meeting of shareholders, reported upon by Nintendo Life, some of the big bosses of the company shared their thoughts on what the future of the Switch could hold.

Nintendo’s Shuntaro Furukawa (Representative Director and President) said this:

“Our current generation game system, Nintendo Switch, has entered its fourth year since launch, but its momentum is increasing. We believe there are two factors behind this. First is the existence of two hardware configurations with different characteristics, in Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The second factor is that Nintendo’s development resources are concentrated on developing content for a single platform, Nintendo Switch. We want to extend the life cycle of Nintendo Switch while maximising such advantages.”

Is it time for Nintendo to SWITCH it up?

Furthermore, Ko Shiota (Director, Senior Executive Officer) said this:

“In addition to the performance aspects (higher technical specifications), Nintendo’s dedicated video game platforms are developed with a focus on providing a comfortable environment for consumers to play fun software. From the perspective of playing with the image displayed on a TV, we believe that because consumers can play Nintendo Switch on a TV or the game console screen itself, it has greatly increased the opportunities for gameplay in various scenes in their lives, compared to previous consoles. Through Nintendo Switch, we’ve made many discoveries about where a dedicated video game platform can fit into a consumer’s daily life. We see scenes on social media of children and their families sitting around a game console to play, which gives us a renewed sense of the value of our dedicated video game platform. We will utilise these experiences in carefully considering the form our future game consoles will take.”

That very last bit, especially the mention of “out future game consoles”, certainly makes us think that there will be some sort of successor to the Switch!

And seeing as both of these quotes point to a deep love of the Switch brand and the multifaceted nature of the console, we feel confident in guessing that a high-end ‘Switch Pro’ type of console might be more realistic to expect than an all-new console brand from Nintendo.

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When will Nintendo Switch announce the Switch Pro?

It has now been over 300 days since the last full Nintendo Direct, and fans are getting antsy.

Not only do fans want the latest developments on Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Prime 4, but they also want to know if/when the Switch Pro will release.

Unfortunately, we don’t expect this announcement to come anytime soon, especially not in the recently announced Nintendo Direct Mini– a 10-minute showcase dedicated to already announced partner games.

It could work in Nintendo’s favour, however, to announce the Switch Pro pretty soon if it wants to remain relevant amid the growing noise surrounding the Xbox Series X and PS5.

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Nintendo Switch Pro release date 

Originally the Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch 2 was thought to be released as soon as mid-2020.

However, in a statement, Nintendo said this: “Please note that we have no plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch model during 2020”.

It’s highly likely that Nintendo will look to see what happens in the PS5 v Xbox Series X battle, before launching anything new, just like they did with the previous generation.

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Nintendo Switch Pro two screens

Some recent rumours about the Switch Pro, based on the latest firmware update for the current-gen Switch, suggest this upcoming revamp could add a second screen to the beloved hybrid console.

We don’t know how this second screen will relate to the Switch as we know it, but it’s always fun to speculate about huge upgrades like this.

Maybe the Switch Pro could feature a fold between two screens like the DS, or a controller-connected screen to compliment your TV like the Wii U, or perhaps Nintendo is cooking up something totally different.

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What could a second screen do for the Switch?


Nintendo Switch Pro price 

There’s no official price in the market for the next Switch model, so all we have is guesswork at this stage.

Given that the Nintendo Switch still, over three years after its launch, costs around £279 ($299) due to its immense popularity, we expect that the Switch Pro, with its increased specs, will cost more than the $299 the Switch launched at.

Most of the predictions have it priced around the $399 mark – which is £345 in the UK.

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How much would you pay for a better Switch?

Nintendo Switch Pro specs

The Switch Pro’s rumoured specs change depending on the reports, and it could be anywhere between a small upgrade and a generational shift.

One thing we would love to see is an SSD, which would help Nintendo to keep up with the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

Some powerful new hardware like this could cut down the loading times on things like Animal Crossing, which would be awesome.

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Mario has never looked better.

Nintendo Switch Pro 4K graphics: Will the Switch Pro support 60 FPS?

Some sources have hinted at improved processors, 4K video support and extra USB-C ports. Most shockingly, some rumours suggest the Nintendo Switch Pro will see it revert to being TV only and not portable – but that’s hard to imagine.

A more realistic claim suggests that the next Switch might be a moderate improvement on its predecessor.

The post claims that Nintendo is working with Nvidia on a custom Tegra processor, and won’t include the Tegra X1+ chip that many had expected the console to feature. As a result, 4K support may not be an option for the Switch Pro.

Instead, it’s more likely the Switch Pro could upscale graphics in handheld mode. Many Switch games still run at 720p, 30 FPS, so we’re hoping that Nintendo works on ensuring games can run at 1080p when undocked, and maybe even at a higher FPS.

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Will the Nintendo Switch Pro have exclusive games?

If we do see a Nintendo Switch Pro released next year, there is no chance it will have exclusive games.

Much like the many upgrades to the 3DS, most new games for the handheld, especially for the first few years, were compatible with all 3DS consoles.

Instead, games may be ‘optimised’ for the Switch Pro, meaning they run smoother and look better.

So if you’re worried about missing out on Breath of the Wild 2 or Metroid Prime 4, you can rest easy knowing these games will work on the base Nintendo Switch whenever they release.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Joy-Cons

The Joy-Con controllers have quickly become yet another iconic Nintendo design, but if you’ve been using them since the Switch launched in 2017 then you’ll know they are prone to certain issues.

Joy-Con drift is the main issue that has plagued the system. After an extended amount of use, the left Joy-Con’s stick would be prone to drift due to a build-up of dust inside the controller. While Nintendo offers to fix these drift problems for free, even after the warranty ends, it is a frustrating issue that comes down to a flaw in the Joy-Cons design.

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Nintendo has now publicly addressed the Joy-Con issue, with their President, Shuntaro Furukawa apologising during a Q&A in late June for the drift issue.

We expect that since Nintendo are now confident they have eliminated the drift problems from their latest Joy-Con design that the Nintendo Switch Pro’s Joy-Cons will be less likely to suffer from drift. These Switch Pro Joy-Cons will likely work with the base Nintendo Switch, although could be more expensive than the base Joy-Cons.

Hopefully, Nintendo reveals brand-new colour schemes for their Joy-Con controllers too!

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Nintendo Switch Pro’s Pro Controller

If the Switch Joy-Con’s get an upgrade with the new console, we’d hope that the Pro Controller gets the same treatment.

While the controller is the best way to play the Switch while docked, there are still issues with the base design, such as the wobbly D-Pad.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Pro Controller may not be the best name…

We would also like to see Nintendo include new features on the Pro Controller such as those found in the upcoming PS5 DualSense Controller, although this may lead to a hefty price increase.

Tom Owen