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Jesse Gregoire

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Jesse loves gaming and technology, especially when the two collide. He likes everything from indie and PC games to console exclusives and hardware. He's worked on sites like The Loadout, Pocket Tactics, Voxel Smash and also does the podcasting thing sometimes.

News and Features Editor

Lewis White

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Face trapped in a permanent grimace, Lewis watches Earth skip and hop ever-closer to dystopia.

Look up nerd in the dictionary and Nico's face will likely pop up. When he isn't gawking at graphic novels or playing JRPGs on his Switch, Nico is likely keeping up to date with AEW and WWE.

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Melwyn, a computer engineer with a passion for technology, is dedicated to demystifying the digital world for others. He shares his expertise through in-depth, easy-to-follow guides on apps, games, and tech trends.

Staff Writer, Stealth Optional

Damiano Gerli

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Damiano is passionate for gaming history and loves anything more than twenty years old, as well as anything modern. He writes gaming history on The Genesis Temple, Voxel Smash and podcasts and Twitch streams. Pineapple on pizza yeah-sayer.