How to charge your Joy-Con Nintendo Switch controllers

You've got a shiny new Nintendo Switch, which is an accomplishment in and of itself at the moment, but you're not sure about all of the bits that come along with the console.

There are lots of little bits that come with a Switch, and while most of it is useless, you'll definitely want to learn all about the Joy-Con controllers.

These function as one controller when needed, but can also be two separate controllers too.

So, you're going to need to know how to charge them...

How to charge your Joy-Cons using your Nintendo Switch

Good news, this is actually the easiest and most cost-effective way to charge your funky little controllers.

All you need to do is attach them to the side of the Switch. Just slide them in until they click and they'll start charging.

It's worth noting that in handheld mode they'll use the Switch's battery to charge, while in docked mode they'll use the power source itself instead. There are other things you can get to charge your Joy-Cons though.

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How to charge your Joy-Cons using peripherals

There are two main peripherals you can use for charging. The first is the Joy-Con Charging Grip. This is an upgraded version of the Joy-Con grip you get with the console.

It lets you use the Joy-Con like a normal controller, but the charging grip actually allows you to charge them while doing so. This is perfect for long game sessions in docked mode.

You could also pick up a charging dock or charging station. These tend to be third-party made, so do your research before committing to one. You can plop your Joy-Con in these to charge them up, which is perfect if you've got more than one set but like to make sure you're always ready for battle.

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