Nintendo will "continue to expand" in mobile gaming and other non-Switch platforms

The mobile gaming market has been pretty lucrative for Nintendo. You'll likely still be playing one of their games yourself, or know a lot of people that do.

Despite it still seeming like an odd choice for the company, they're not going to stop just yet.

With the likes of Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Kart Tour, and even the upcoming Pokemon Unite, they just keep putting out more and more titles.

Well, as reported on by, they've got no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Everyone should be able to play Nintendo IP

According to the company's annual report, they're keen to keep allowing everyone into the wonderful world of Nintendo.

In fact, the main reason for mobile gaming (other than making money) seems to be to allow more people to experience Nintendo's IP.

"We will continue to expand the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP in areas other than the dedicated video game platform business." One of those areas is mobile gaming, which is intensely popular around the world, and can be a huge source of income for games companies.

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More money, less problems

According to the report "For the mobile business, many consumers continue to enjoy applications released during this fiscal year, such as Mario Kart Tour, as well as titles that were released in previous fiscal years. Our mobile, IP related income reached ¥51.2 billion (USD 474 million; 11.5% increase on a year-on-year basis)."

That's a lot of money, and a sizeable increase as well. It's only likely to become larger as more titles come out, and the release of more games just amounts to more opportunities to make money from them.

While not all of these titles will have a long tail, games like Fire Emblem Heroes continue to be popular, and that means they continue to make money too.

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