LEGO NES kit: Price, release date, features and where to order the LEGO Nintendo console set

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The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Building kit has officially launched - it even has an official product page on the LEGO website, where you can order the stunning brick-based console for yourself!

The new LEGO NES set marks the 35th Anniversary of Nintendo's entry into the console market. And it's also the second major LEGO/Nintendo collaboration this year!

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Here's everything you need to know about the brand-new LEGO NES...

What is the LEGO NES?

The LEGO NES is the latest in a line of LEGO x Nintendo products, offering fans of the two brands the chance to build a realistic model of the NES.

Aside from the console, the building kit also comes with a buildable 1980s television set, an NES controller, and a LEGO Game Pak of Super Mario Bros. The Game Pak can be inserted into the LEGO NES console.

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NE-YES: We can't wait to get our hands on a LEGO version of this iconic console!

The retro TV features a scrolling screen that plays part of the World 1-1 level as an 8-bit Mario when wound up.

The LEGO Mario from the Adventures with Mario Starter Course is also compatible with the NES. If you place Mario on top of the retro TV, it will react to the on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups.

The NES kit is made up of 2646 pieces, and is rated as 18+.

When did the LEGO NES release?

The LEGO NES is out now, having been available to order since August 1. This is the same date as LEGO's other Nintendo-related products, the Super Mario LEGO sets, launched into the world.

How much does the LEGO NES cost, and where can I order it?

The LEGO NES has a live product page on the LEGO UK website for £209.99 ($229.99). You can view the US product page from here.

If you're wanting to order the NES, we'd recommend some haste. After all, Nintendo-related products have a habit of selling out fast!

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