Rumour: could the Nintendo Switch Pro could be called the "Super Switch"?

The Nintendo Switch Pro is an idea that gamers have been fantasising about for a while now. Although Nintendo itself hasn't announced a high-end version of the Switch, fans seem to think that there could be one coming. And now, we've seen a great idea about what this next-gen version of the Switch could be called.

In an article about Capcom's Resident Evil 3 potentially getting a Nintendo Switch release, referred to the Nintendo Switch Pro as the "Super Switch", although they did clarify that the existence of such a console "still lies in the realm of total rumor".

But still, isn't Super Switch just a perfect name for a revamped version of Nintendo's beloved handheld/hybrid console? Of course, as you've probably already spotted, the name 'Super Switch' plays on a familiar theme.

After all, back in the day, Nintendo followed the Nintendo Entertainment System (aka the NES) with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (aka the SNES).

The resurgence of retro games consoles in recent years means that players are still very aware of these classic console names, so a little nod from Nintendo would surely earn some adoration from fans.

A little bit of fan service like that can go a long way, especially when you're asking gamers to consider forking out for yet another console. (Side note: the price of the normal Switch is getting very high in some stores at the moment, so we dread to think what a new version could mean for our bank balance.)

But what would a Nintendo Super Switch actually entail? What would make it more super than the current incarnation of the console?

Well, we're hoping to see an SSD in the next console that Nintendo puts out, which would put the iconic developer on the same footing as the Xbox Series X and the PS5. It would also mean you'd see way shorter loading times in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

To go back to the source of this story - a clue in the code for Resident Evil 3 Remake that suggests a Switch version of the new horror game has been discussed - you would also expect a Super Switch to be powerful enough to run a lot of the games that come to PS4 and Xbox One (if not the generations that follow).

We've already seen some games come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch, of course, but a more powerful Switch would be able to support games from other platforms with a bit less strain and struggle... at least, that's what we'd hope.

As we hear more news about the Super Switch or the Switch Pro or whatever it may or may not end up being called, we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks to Daryl Baxter for bringing this rumour/suggestion/idea to our attention.

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