The Crew Motorfest import tool – how to import cars from The Crew 2

The Crew Motorfest import tool

The Crew Motorfest import tool

Playing racing games is a great alternative to going out and actually buying a bunch of expensive cars. You may have to start building your car collection from scratch with each new game that comes out, but the Crew Motorfest import tool will help take care of that problem.

With this tool, you can take your vehicles from The Crew 2 and bring them over to The Crew Motorfest. It’s not just limited to vehicles either, you will also be able to import some of your vanities from The Crew 2.

The Crew Motorfest import tool is a fantastic feature for those who don’t feel like building an entirely new car collection. If you feel like that’s the case for you, let’s go ahead and find out how to use it.

How to use the Crew Motorfest import tool

To use the Crew Motorfest import tool, you’ll need to be logged in to the same Ubisoft Connect account you have for The Crew 2. When launching Motorfest for the first time, you will be asked to choose between starting from scratch or importing your Crew 2 collection.

If you choose to start from scratch, you can import your vehicles from Crew 2 by going into Game Settings and choosing Import My Collection. However, once you import your collection, that decision will be irreversible.

Not all vehicles will be available for import though, since not every car in Crew 2 will show up in Motorfest. However, some cars that will be added to the Motorfest roster later on will become available for import once they’ve made the transition.

How to check which vehicles can be imported

To check which cars and vanities can be transferred over to Motorfest, you’ll need to visit your garage in Crew 2. As you browse through your collection, those eligible for import will be highlighted.

Keep in mind that this import tool only works one way. That means you will not be able to move a vehicle from Motorfest over to Crew 2.

And that’s our guide on how to use the Crew Motorfest import tool. If you’re having trouble playing the racing game, you might want to check out how to keep it from crashing or how to fix the video adapter error.

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