The Crew Motorfest video adapter error - how to fix it

The Crew Motorfest video adapter error - orange lamborghini

The Crew Motorfest video adapter error - orange lamborghini

You are ready at the starting line, but suddenly you can't race anymore. What happened? Sometimes there are problems with racing games, because of The Crew Motorfest video adapter error, so let's see how to fix it.

Hopefully many of these issues and errors will be fixed as the game gets to more players, but for the moment we'll have to fix it ourselves.

So let's get ready to fix this irritating The Crew Motorfest video adapter error and get back to racing.

How to fix The Crew Motorfest adapter error

We are going to take for granted that your PC meets the system requirements to run the game. Then, we would recommend that you check for the last version of your video card drivers, along with trying to force your system to run the game on your dedicated graphic card.

By using the GeForce Experience app on PC, then just open the app and click over for driver updates. Just wait for it to check and install them. We would recommend checking it several times, as in specific updates for the game might come out.

Another good device, since your computer might also come with an integrated graphics card, to disable it. You can do so in device manager:

  • Open device manager and display devices.
  • Right-click on the integrated graphics card.
  • Choose disable.
  • Restart your PC

Now try the game again and it should be fixed. If the error persists we would recommend getting in touch with Ubisoft and open a support request.

What is the "found video adapters that do not meet requirements" error?

The Crew Motorfest "found video adapters do not meet the requirements" error is mainly a hardware issue. It happens if your graphics card isn't capable of running the game smoothly. But if you have a card that supports the game, and still cannot run the game, here's what you need to do.

That's all we have for you on how to fix the Crew Motorfest video adapter error. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our crashing guide.

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