The Crew Motorfest crashing - how to fix

The Crew Motorfest crashing - car on track

The Crew Motorfest crashing - car on track

Are you ready to hit the dirt? It is time to go back to slam your cars against others, only to come out on top and be the first to finish the race. But if you are having issues with The Crew Motorfest crashing, then you'll be out of the race before it even starts.

As this is a game with an important online component, unfortunately crashes and problems are bound to happen. But luckily there are some simple things we can try.

So let's see how to fix the issues with The Crew Motorfest crashing and get back playing as soon as possible.

How to fix The Crew Motorfest crashing

Overall, we would recommend to check first if you have the latest video drivers already installed on your computer. Along with checking if your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Let's look at a few quick fixes to get back racing.

Check for the latest video drivers

This is especially true for games that have been launched recently, as often manufacturers will release quick fixes for problems such as lag and stutter, but even to fix some downright issues with occasional crashing. Do a check and see if you can install them.

Disable your antivirus software and firewall

As we always say, we suggest disabling your antivirus and firewall only for a limited time. Try relaunching the game again and see if you still have problems, if they are fixed you can try to see if you can switch to another antivirus or, in the case of the firewall program, add Crew Motorfest to the exceptions.

Clear DirectX shader cache

The DirectX Shader Cache is a functionality designed to optimize the performance of various applications, games, and software by storing shaders. While it notably diminishes rendering times, it's susceptible to corruption or an excessive build-up of files, potentially resulting in substantial storage consumption and even game crashes during gameplay.

This is how to do clear the cache:

  • Access the Run dialog box by pressing the Win+R keys.
  • In the Run dialog box, enter "cleanmgr" and press Enter to launch Disk Cleanup.
  • Tick the DirectX Shader Cache checkbox then click OK.
  • Click on "Delete files" in the pop-up window.
  • Now reboot your PC and launch the game again.

These are all the fixes you can try to see if you can get back playing The Crew Motorfest without crashes. For more tips and tricks, check out our guides on release date and Steam deck performance.

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