Content Warning monsters list

The Harpoon monster in Content Warning

The Harpoon monster in Content Warning

Looking to scout out potential threats before diving into the Old World? This Content Warning monsters list will help you prepare for your next attempt at internet fame.

Putting your life at risk may be great at getting those views on Spook Tube, but that doesn’t mean you should be reckless on your next video. So before heading back to the Old World, make sure you know how to heal and revive your companions in case things go south.

So before you set out to make your next viral video, let’s go ahead and take a look at this Content Warning monsters list.

A Mouthe in Content Warning
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All monsters in Content Warning

The Old World has a diverse ecosystem of nasty creatures that will tear you apart when given the chance. Here’s what you can run into on your next foray.

  • Angler – A creature that looks very much like an anglerfish, hence the name. If you come across this monster, be sure to stay away from its light.
  • BigSlap – A large, humanoid being with huge teeth and long arms. If your gut tells you to run after seeing this monster, you better listen to it since it’s your best shot at surviving.
  • Bombs – These monsters resemble squids that scurry about while lobbing bombs at you. Keep your distance and wait until they eventually blow themselves up to stay safe.
  • BarnacleBall – This creature looks like a giant ball of barnacles with tentacles for its arms. It will try to draw you closer to it with its air current so be sure to utilize your surroundings to avoid it.
  • Dog – Pretty much just a robot dog. It does have a gun on its back though, so be ready to run for cover if it sees you.
  • Ear – A four-legged creature that has a big ear in place of its head. As you may have guessed, this creature responds to sound. Some players have reported that screaming into your microphone causes this monster to run away, but it's best to try and be as quiet as possible around when it’s nearby.
  • EyeGuy – Of course, the next monster on the list would be one with an eye for a head instead of an ear. Try to refrain from using your flashlight around this creature. If you grab its attention, run away as fast as you can.
  • Flicker – This jellyfish-looking creature comes complete with tendrils and a harpoon sticking out of its head. Keep away from this monster’s protrusions and you should be fine.
  • Harpoon – This entity looks like a child wearing a sheet to look like a ghost, except it’s actually a ghost. Your best option to survive this creature is to run away.
  • Jello – A big pile of goo that won’t actually do any direct harm to you if caught by it. Instead, it will drag you to a place where other monsters lurk, so be sure to keep your distance.
  • Larva – A centipede-looking creature that is extremely fast and extremely deadly. Run away as soon as you spot this monster.
  • Mouthe – This small, humanoid monster with a wide mouth is actually pretty harmless as long as you are with a friend. If it does happen to catch you alone, get ready to run for your life.
  • Slurper – A star-shaped creature that likes to latch onto ceilings. If you’re caught by one, have your friends throw items at it until it lets you go.
  • Slurper Hand – A hand-shaped monster that’s very grabby. Shine your flashlight on it so that it releases its grip on you.
  • Snatcho – This shadowlike creature also likes to grab its prey. Shining your light on it is also effective in forcing it to let you go.
  • Spider – Spiders are terrifying enough as they are so there’s no weird twist with this one. Avoid being caught by its web projectiles.
  • Toolkit Wisk – Basically a sentient kitchen appliance, you’ll know one is nearby when you start hearing blender noises. It can only dash in straight lines, so avoiding its attacks is relatively easy.
  • Weeping – A large birdcage-looking monster that traps players inside it. If you’re caught by one, you’ll need to have a friend solve a Captcha to set you free.
  • Zombe – a human-snail hybrid that moves about quite slowly, making them easy to avoid. As long as you’re able to run away, this monster shouldn’t pose too much of a threat.

And that’s all of the monsters we currently know about in Content Warning. For more on the co-op horror game, you can check out our guides on how to host a game and how to install Content Warning mods.

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