How to host a Content Warning game

Content Warning players filming with video camera
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Content Warning players filming with video camera
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Want to know how to host a Content Warning game? We've got you covered.

Designed as a multiplayer experience, the game will be more fun among friends and can give both support and screams of horror as you move in the haunted lands. If you are willing to take up the challenge and show your terrifying expedition, don't be scared and host your own game in Content Warning.

As the host, you will hold the key to invite your friends into the game and lead them on this scary journey. Whether you're hosting a game for a group of seasoned veterans or inducing newcomers to this unwelcoming world, one thing for sure is you can create unforgettable memories and get involved in various spine-chilling encounters.

How to host Content Warning game

Hosting a game in Content Warning it's a straightforward process. To start hosting your own game, follow these steps

  • Launch Content Warning on your PC.
  • Navigate to the "Play With Friends" option in the main menu to set up a multiplayer session.
  • Within the menu, select one of the available save slots to ensure your progress is saved for future sessions.
  • Click on the "Host" button after choosing the slot to initiate hosting your own game.
  • Once the hosting process is complete, you'll be taken to the lobby area.

Now you can invite your friends to join the game. You can either send invites directly inside the game, or you can also take advantage of the friend list of the platform to invite them.

How to invite friends to Content Warning

There are two ways to invite your friends to join the game in Content Warning:

Invite friends through Steam Overlay

You can easily get your friends boarded through the Steam Overlay. To do that, just press the Shift+Tab shortcut to view your friend list. Right-click on the friend you want to invite, and then select the invite option. After accepting your invitation, they'll join you in the lobby.

Invite friends using the Invite Terminal

Alternatively, you can interact with the invite station, located on the second floor of the house within the game. Visit the station, and press the E key to interact with it. You will see a list of friends, select the friend you want to invite from the list.

How to start Content Warning game

After inviting your friends, proceed to go to the ground floor of the house and open the front door to start the game. However, make sure that you have invited all of your friends before starting the game because once the game has started, you can’t invite any more friends.

How to save Content Warning progression

When you are looking to take a break, make sure to save your progress by exiting the main menu. If you want to continue playing with the same group, simply select the same slot that you have selected while hosting the game and continue your journey where you left.

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