How to install Content Warning mods

Content Warning players walking up dark pathway
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Content Warning players walking up dark pathway
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Knowing how to install Content Warning mods can transform how various aspects of the game work.

The latest co-op survival horror title has caught the attention of players looking to make a name for themselves on SpookTube and mods make all the difference for those looking for even more ways to change the game.

Although each mod offers something different than the other, the process of downloading and installing the mod is almost the same. Let's take a look at how you can easily install Mods for Content Warning.

How to install Content Warning mods

The mod installation process may look difficult at the beginning, though it is pretty easy. As for the Content Warning, you will have to visit different mod websites where you will find the mods to download.

Once you have located the mod that you wish to install, simply follow the directions as written by the mod developer and put the files in the proper directory on your computer. Here's a comprehensive guide to download and install mods for Content Warning

Download and install the mod manager

Go to the official website of the mod manager you like, such as Thunderstore Mod Manager or Nexus Mods. Download the mod manager software from their website and complete the installation following the instructions given. Launch the mod manager after installation.

Select the mod

Inside the mod manager, go to the Content Warning and look for all the available mod options. On the other hand, you can also pick the mod manager search to browse the mods you are looking for.

Download and install mods

Click on the desired mod to view its details and download options. You will see multiple download options, which may include options like Download with Manager or Manual Download.

  • For mod manager downloads: Installing mods with the mod managers will be way easier than ever, it will handle the process itself.
  • For manual downloads: Go to the Downloads collection on your computer, open the zip file, and unzip its content. Follow all the specific instructions provided by the mod creator for installation.

Manage mod dependencies

Some mods may need you to install the additional dependencies to be fully functional (for example, you will need BeePinEx to install mods from Thunderstore). Make sure to read through the description that has been stated and ensure that all the necessary dependencies have been installed by following the instructions stated on the site.

Launch the game

Once the mods are installed, Start the game using the game's launcher as usual. You can manage these mods in the My Mods section of UI, before launching the game.

With these guidelines, you'll see how to download, install, and use mods for the Content Warning. Now get to know the new features, the upgrades, and anything else that comes with them.

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