How to heal in Content Warning

A group of Content Warning players

A group of Content Warning players

Trying to figure out how to heal in Content Warning? We’ve got the info you need to recover from terrible creatures headed your way.

Content Warning is a co-op horror survival game where you and your friends take off in search of the strange and spooky to go viral. Hosting a game or letting random players join you is highly recommended since co-op play is a core aspect of the title.

You should expect to run into some serious threats in Content Warning, so let’s go ahead and learn how to heal in the game.

The Medical tab at the Order Terminal
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How to recover health in Content Warning

To heal in Content Warning, you will need to use an item called the Hugger. This item is bought from the Order Terminal, so it won’t be available right off the bat. You can find the Hugger in the Medical tab of the shop.

Once you are able to make the purchase, a drone will drop off an instruction manual called “How to hug”. With the Hugger manual in your inventory, you will be able to heal other players with the left mouse button.

The Hugger gives a gradual healing effect so you may need to hold down the left mouse button until you stop seeing the green hearts or until your teammate tells you that their health is full. There’s no limit to how many times you can use the Hugger as long as it’s in your possession.

Keep in mind that only the person holding the manual will be able to heal their teammates. Also, remember that they won’t be able to heal themselves, so if they need to make a recovery, they’ll need to drop the manual by pressing Q and have an ally pick it up.

And that’s our guide on how to heal in Content Warning. You never know what you might find in this horror game, so you might want to check out some useful tips and tricks to help you survive.

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