6 useful Content Warning tips and tricks

Content Warning player inside Captcha Trap
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Content Warning player inside Captcha Trap
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Released in 2024, Content Warning challenges players to immerse themselves in a scary world and become a social media sensation. With so many ways to gain fame, it's worth knowing about some handy Content Warning tips and tricks.

Content Warning revolves around one main objective, Views. To get a larger audience to interact with your channel, you'll need to master a variety of techniques in order to gather interest.

This will not only help you get your desired amount of viewership but also improve your overall gameplay. Here’s everything you need to know!

Content Warning tips and tricks

Here are several tips and tricks that can help you gather more views for your Spooktube channel:

Filming intros while retaining footage

In Content Writing, the most important piece of equipment is your trusty old camera. Your main goal should be to maximize your use by saving up on battery. Introduction videos should take about 15 seconds max. Film you and your friends by flipping the camera. Intros are really important for every video you upload, as the viewers absolutely love them.

Film a creative and fun intro to get more viewers. Save your camera battery for all the stuff that’s to come later. Using up the battery for an intro does not work in your favor. If you have a starter camera, be extra careful as they do not last long.

Recording something stupid

Nothing makes a video more enjoyable than goofy or stupid stuff. During the game, explore several risky options such as toying with enemies, and attempting breathtaking stunts. Film the bloopers and all the spooky stuff to gather more attention.

You can throw stuff at your friends and scare them, record their reactions or if a monster is coming after you, record you and your friends running terrified of imminent death. Keep in mind, that the camera guy must not participate in these activities as it can ruin your run. Buying and using emotes from the main World Buy station can help you boost your videos.

The defibrillator can be used to revive a teammate in the game. Filming someone using the defibrillator on a fallen teammate and shocking them back to life is a surefire way of creating viral content that grabs extra views and generates additional income.

Try not to die, but if someone does, make sure to record it as it can be an amazing addition to your channel.

Content Warning players
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Credit: Landfall Publishing

Watch them burn

When exploring the depths of this underworld, you will eventually come across a violent monster hell-bent on eating you alive. This is the perfect opportunity to get some great content for your Spooktube channel. Every creature you come across has one goal and that is to kill you and your friends.

In such a scenario, there is a possibility one of your friends will be trapped and die a gruesome death, when this happens make sure you have your camera on standby. Such videos garner a great viewership and can help you boost your channel.

If one of the creatures starts chasing the cameraman, make sure he drops it for his friends to pick it up. This not only makes it more fun but also reduces the risk of losing the footage. After all the video is what matters.

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Get light upgrades

The old flashlights are not as strong or durable in the long run. Get flares or stronger flashlights early on in the game. This improves the overall look of the video and makes it more enjoyable. You’ll eventually get more views and earn a lot of money if the quality of the videos is better.

While you can even upgrade Emotes, Medical Equipment and Even your gadgets, upgrading the equipment must be your first priority. Nevertheless, you will need to get a good amount of cash before you can do so. Here's a complete list of each upgrade and its cost in Content Warning:

Old Flashlight
Modern Flashlight
Long Flashlight
Modern Flashlight Pro
Long Flashlight Pro
Boom Mic
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Experiment with different faces

It can be hard to lose track of your friends if none of you haven't customized the appearances. This becomes even more important if you are playing without voice chat. Changing your face is pretty straightforward, provided you follow these instructions correctly.

  • Right after you enter the match, turn right and look for the face console.
  • Head towards it and interact with it by pressing E on your keyboard.
  • The game allows you to select a colour, and set a name and orientation and you can easily edit these by interacting with the face console.
  • Once you've made the changes and are satisfied with your appearance, click on apply and that's pretty much it.

Communication is the key

While you're playing games where team coordination is important, communication plays a vital role. In Content Warning, it's essential to connect headphones and enable your microphone when prompted upon opening the game. Doing so will not only allow you to stay in touch with your teammates, but you can also make different strategies and improvise as needed.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can kickstart your journey in Content Warning. Although it is recommended to play with your friends, you can also play solo. While it seems like the players are really falling in love with the game, developer Landfall Games suggests that shadow drops might not be for everyone.

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