Avengers Endgame director is hyped for AI movies, and that’s stupid

Avengers Endgame director is hyped for AI movies, and that’s stupid

25 Apr 2023

Official HBO Max account retweets snide Snyder Cut post, sparking fan cancellations

29 Apr 2021

Uncharted movie delayed until 2022! Here's what we know about Uncharted film's release date, trailer, cast and more

22 Jan 2021
roku streaming smart tv

Over 15000 Roku accounts hacked and sold

23 Mar 2024
roku logo holding out pen and pointing gun at TV

Roku shuts down all products till users agree to their terms

10 Mar 2024
crunchyroll orange haired anime girl and happy black cat on lg smart tv

Crunchyroll app finally lets you stream anime on LG TVs

25 Feb 2024

Sonic The Hedgehog LEGO set: Fan-made design will now be mass-produced, with SEGA and LEGO teaming up

04 Feb 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 LEGO set: Will the Night City kit be available to buy?

22 Jan 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 vs LEGO City Undercover comparison video: Is Night City worse?

20 Jan 2021
marvel vs capcom infinite getting good graphics

Modders are Making the Worst Marvel Fighting Game Look Better

02 May 2024
steam deck spider-man games stop crashing

Marvel’s Spider-Man Steam Deck update resolves annoying crash issue

20 Oct 2023
marvel spider-man-2 spoilers make their way online

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 story spoilers are making their way online

06 Oct 2023
star wars galaxy of heroes coming to pc

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes gets a PC port for some reason

05 Apr 2024
respawn star wars strategy game unreal engine 5

Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars strategy game will be made with Unreal Engine 5

18 Mar 2024
star wars empire at war big update 17 years

Star Wars: Empire at War gets huge update 17 years late

21 Nov 2023
The cast of Mythbusters next to a PlayStation 5

New licensing agreement means Sony won't remove Discovery TV shows

22 Dec 2023
Wonder Woman game devs have other DC projects in the pipeline

Other DC projects in the pipeline for Wonder Woman game devs

30 Aug 2023
DC’s Blue beetle next to the injustice 2 version of the character

DC’s Blue Beetle film rips combos from NetherRealm’s Injustice 2

16 Aug 2023
Joe from the TV show You wearing a Netflix hat and looking at the messenger logo

Netflix has seen all of your Netflix and Chill requests on Facebook messages

02 Apr 2024
An image showing the Netflix app initiating on an Android smartphone
How To

How to download Netflix games

29 Jan 2024
netflix drops support for old tvs ps vita

Netflix will no longer support old TVs, blu-ray players and, sadly, the PSVita

18 Oct 2023