Meta Quest 3 AR screen app adds realistic reflections and lighting

Mark Zuckerberg next to an AR SCreen on the Meta quest 3

Mark Zuckerberg next to an AR SCreen on the Meta quest 3

The Meta Quest 3’s already impressive augmented reality screens are now even better. A new Meta Quest 3 AR screen app adds real-time reflections and global illumination to make your augmented reality relaxation even more realistic.

Shared on the Oculus Quest subreddit, developer Tomasay3 shared a video of their new Meta Quest 3 AR screen app in the headset’s passthrough mode. With the app, videos appear more realistically tied to their environment, casting lights and reflections on your real-world items.

In the video, the developer showcases the app playing a trailer for Super Mario Wonder. The area around the faux screen bursts with colour, the video reflects on the table beneath it. Of course, it’s all superfluous, but it’s stunning nontheless.

The AR screen app works by utilising a custom shader that renders light only that's anchored to the surface its pinned to.

“Reflections were a bit trickier,” the developer explained on Reddit. “So I just made a transparent mirrored duplicate of the video player that overlays on the table.”

The Meta Quest 3’s AR passthrough is capable of some truly fantastic things, including a mixed reality demo that places Mario 64 inside your room. With perspective correct augmented reality games and even foot tracking capabilities, the headset’s performance is only going to get better over time.

At the time of writing, the impressive Meta Quest 3 AR screen app isn’t available to download, but the developer is working on a public demo for the software. While there’s no release date for the demo right now, it’s currently in the “polishing” phase.

If the software is released, the developer plans to release the screen app on Meta App Lab and Sidequest, allowing it to be sideloaded on Quest 3 headsets.

The Meta Quest 3 may not be as popular as its predecessor, but the massive advancement in hardware is leading to some truly fantastic creations. If AR screens are your bag, this is truly a project to keep your eyes peeled for.

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