Avengers Endgame director is hyped for AI movies, and that’s stupid

Avengers Endgame director is hyped for AI movies, and that’s stupid

Avengers Endgame director is hyped for AI movies, and that’s stupid

Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo has expressed a desire to see more AI generated movies in the future. Despite the controversial technology being widely despised by artists, one of the famous Russo brothers believes it should be embraced.

Speaking to Collider, Joe Russo explained that AI technology is inevitably going to evolve the film industry. The superhero flick director believes that filmmakers need to evolve with the technology, not outright deny it.

However, the Avengers Endgame director’s ideas behind AI movies do inevitably leave filmmakers in the dust. In fact, his belief is that AI movies won’t require directors or auteurs at all.

Instead, Russo sees the future of film storytelling as a simple generated movie that creates an entire story based off your prompt. Combining versions of technologies like ChatGPT writing and Midjourney image generation, the director sees a future where everything is generated and combined with artificial intelligence.

“What you could do with it is obviously use it to engineer storytelling and change storytelling,” the director said. “So you have a constantly evolving story, either in a game or in a movie, or a TV show. You could walk into your house and say to the AI on your streaming platform: ‘Hey, I want a movie starring my photoreal avatar and Marilyn Monroe's photoreal avatar. I want it to be a rom-com because I've had a rough day,’ and it renders a very competent story with dialogue that mimics your voice.”

The director claimed that AI voice cloning, such as ElevenLabs, could make movies mimicking anyone’s voice, including your own, to create endless realistic content. Russo explained that AI movies could help you “curate your story specifically to you”.

However, the Avengers Endgame director’s ideas miss a lot of the concern that AI generated content has. For example, AI voice cloning has already been used for wrongdoing such as false kidnapping calls and even swatting high schools. Furthermore, the technology is already under scrutiny by major media companies following the creation of AI song covers without artists’ permission.

The idea of entirely AI generated movies not only detracts from the feeling of care and style that individual directors put into their works, but also stifles new actors from rising, new directors from creating art, and even encroaches on the freedoms of individual actors.

For example, if anyone can generate any movie they want, they can force any actor’s likeness to do anything they ask it to, even if they wouldn’t sign onto it. From explicit scenes without actor’s consents to racist or hurtful scenes, the consequences of AI generated movies are incredibly far reaching.

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