WhatsApp Forgets Iconic Characters in Modern Family Advert

Phil, Claire, Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family in the Dunphy household for a WhatsApp advert
Credit: WhatsApp

Phil, Claire, Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family in the Dunphy household for a WhatsApp advert
Credit: WhatsApp

The rumors of a Modern Family reunion have been spreading like wildfire in the last few weeks, but unfortunately, it was just for a WhatsApp ad. Despite the show concluding just four years ago in April 2020, the beloved Sitcom family has been a mainstay on many people's rewatch calendars, but the new advert misses some key members.

For those wondering what WhatsApp is used for, this advert aims to answer one part of that question. Focusing on group chats, the Modern Family "reunion" aims to help people avoid the dreaded green vs blue bubble debate - something that plagues groups with those using Android devices like the Samsung S24 line up, and those using iPhone.

While the upcoming iOS 18 release date will finally add RCS, it won't change the colored bubbles. However, the Modern Family advert, which brings back Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, Julie Bowen, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson as their iconic characters, aims to solve that issue by using WhatsApp.

The premise, which would be fitting for an average of Modern Family plot, focuses on Claire Dunphy telling her brother, Mitchell, that his blurry photos and weird likes ruin the group chat, despite his new Android phone. Fortunately, a well-timed and eavesdropping decorator tells the group to use WhatsApp to solve the issue.

While Phil's-Osophy doesn't go into detail on how safe WhatsApp is to use, the social messaging app is end-to-end encrypted whether you use direct messages or group chats. And, considering Phil's love of gadgets, he'd love to get messages from WhatsApp on Apple Watch. Unfortunately, he won't be able to install WhatsApp on his iPad.

However, there's a disappointing factor of the reunion. While we would've preferred an official reunion of the Modern Family characters, there's still a missing couple in the equation: Jay and Gloria. Even worse, none of the Modern Family "kids" make an appearance either, but it's still nice to see some of our favorite characters return. We imagine it would be a pain to teach Jay how to edit WhatsApp messages anyway, as he'd spend half the time attempting to double-click.

If you want to be caught up on technology just like the patriarch of the Dunphy family, you can also find out how to install WhatsApp on Meta Quest 3.

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