VR suit electrocutes your entire body in the name of Metaverse immersion

Virtual reality will let us experience the metaverse from the comfort of our homes. After purchasing an expensive VR headset, of course. In order to make the virtual world more immersive, startup has unveiled a new VR suit that will fully immerse users into the metaverse.

So, what’s the catch? Uh, how about the fact that it will completely electrocute your body so you are fully immersed in the experience?

An electric experience

Futurism reports that this VR suit from Teslasuit “can literally electrocute you all over the body.” But why electrocution? Apparently, the purpose of electrifying the user is to trick the body into feeling VR experiences.

Whether that’s being an F1 racer or whatever other life a metaverse user wants to live, 90 electrodes are used to simulate the feeling of touch in VR. Of course, it can also make sure people feel pain.

Tech Radar‘s Hamish Hector was able to try out the VR suit and was able to play a driving simulator. Hector described the experience, confirming that his body was electrocuted to make everything more immersive.

Hector says: “Electrical pulses fired into my arms and core, making my muscles feel heavier and I believed my body was actually being thrown around by the acceleration and deceleration caused by a moving racecar.”

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Not for everyone

Before VR users start to think that being electrocuted in VR suits is the future of the metaverse, these suits won’t be readily available for everyone. Hamish Hector says that these VR suits are meant for “top-tier athlete training” or “patients going through medical rehab.” In a way, that does make the constant electrodes make sense, even if it’s an odd sales pitch.

Teslasuit is likely working on actual VR suits for normal people but they won’t be coming out for a long time. However, anyone interested in the aforementioned VR suits that electrocute you can be purchased for $20,000 a suit, with only 10 in existence.

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