Apple is Hoping to Sell More Vision Pros with Longer In-Store Demos

A woman wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset in an Apple Store while an employee talks her through the demo
Credit: Apple

A woman wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset in an Apple Store while an employee talks her through the demo
Credit: Apple

Despite offering fancy hardware and Apple's signature simplicity, the Apple Vision Pro headset hasn’t had the best start. The 'spatial computing' headset debuted earlier this year exclusively in the US. As Apple plans to bring it to more countries, it's evident that it hasn’t sold as well as many of the company’s other products.

It hasn’t made a significant impact on the best VR headsets list. When comparing the Meta Quest 3 to the Apple Vision Pro, many prefer the former, especially due to its lower price and frequent updates, which include some features borrowed from the Vision Pro. However, for Apple enthusiasts, the headset remains an intriguing concept, even if the Vision Pro reviews are not overwhelmingly positive.

Apple is aware that most people are hesitant to spend over $3,000 on niche technology. To persuade those on the fence, Apple is introducing longer and more in-depth in-store demos, according to a report from Mark Gurman in the Bloomberg Power On newsletter.

As the Apple Vision Pro expands to new regions, Apple is refining the demo experience to boost sales. Unlike the nearly 30-minute in-store demos from the US launch, Apple is rumored to allow users to 'beam' their own photos, videos, and panoramic captures to the Vision Pro during the demo process.

Apple isn’t stopping there. According to Gurman, the company is adding a 'Go Deeper' option for those who want to spend more time exploring specific features of the Apple Vision Pro. Additionally, Apple has upgraded the headset band for in-store models from the Solo Loop to the Dual Loop for extra comfort.

The report also mentions that the Apple Vision Pro is set to receive some exciting Apple Intelligence features, even though AI capabilities for the headset weren’t showcased at WWDC 2024. It will be interesting to see if Apple can convince those on the fence to join the ranks of Vision Pro users. However, it’s likely that many people will wait for the rumored cheaper Apple Vision Pro before making a purchase.

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