Meta Copies Xbox with New 'Pay Monthly' Program for Quest 3

A white Meta Quest 3 headset in front of a bluey-gray-like gradient background from Meta
Credit: Meta

A white Meta Quest 3 headset in front of a bluey-gray-like gradient background from Meta
Credit: Meta

While VR gaming is incredibly immersive, it’s no surprise that the virtual reality market remains fairly niche. Not only is the hardware and games expensive, but unlike flat-screen titles, VR can be nausea-inducing, especially for first-time players.

You could purchase one of the cheaper options from the best VR headsets list, but the Quest 3’s specs make it one of the most comfortable experiences, despite its roughly $500 price tag. Fortunately, as the Quest 3 gains traction in Steam hardware surveys despite lackluster initial sales, Meta is introducing a new option for users who are undecided.

Meta is launching a 'Play Now, Pay Later' option for potential Quest gamers in the United States. With 0% APR financing, the 24-month-long program offers a Meta Quest 3 headset, two years of the improved Quest+ subscription, and Meta's Warranty Plus for $24.99 a month, or $34.99 a month for the 512GB model.

This new program is remarkably similar to the Xbox All Access program, and given Meta and Xbox's partnership, that isn't too surprising. Xbox All Access began by offering users an Xbox One with Game Pass for a monthly fee, before moving on to the Series X|S consoles.

While the Meta Quest 2 might seem like a better deal if you can find it used or new at a great price, the 2020 VR headset is slowly being phased out. Upcoming titles like Batman Arkham Shadow and Hitman 3 VR, for example, are vying for a spot on the best Meta Quest 3 games list and are exclusive to the new headset.

Interestingly, this option is emerging ahead of the rumored release of the Meta Quest 3S. This budget-friendly headset is likely to be revealed at the upcoming Meta Connect event and could offer a great, affordable alternative similar to the Meta Quest 2. The new Play Now, Pay Later option may be intended to entice potential buyers before a cheaper headset arrives.

In any case, making it easier for more people to get into VR is always beneficial. Despite the popularity of the Meta Quest 2, the virtual reality market is very niche compared to standard gaming, but this may introduce more people to the immersive experience that VR offers.

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