Best 32-inch monitor 2023 - Our top picks

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Finding the best 32-inch monitor can be a difficult task with so much available on the market, so we're here to give you a little helping hand.

32-inch monitors can be considered somewhat of a niche option; however, a monitor of this size does have its benefits.


For example, the additional space should help video editing and graphic design as it gives you a larger 'canvas' to work with and can provide a better preview of what your finished product looks like on a larger screen.

The added space should also make split-screened windows much bigger and, therefore, easier to read than they would be on a smaller display.

In our opinion, this makes them some of the best monitors for working from home as a display of this size can make viewing multiple documents, copying emails, and sharing your screen even easier due to the added visibility.

A 32-inch monitor can even be used as a pseudo-TV if you desire, which is particularly handy as 32-inch televisions aren't as easy to come by as they once were.

With all this in mind, one of the most important features of this display size will be colour accuracy and resolution. Ideally, you'll need at least a Full HD resolution for a 32-inch display to work and view films or TV in great quality.

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Therefore, we've included monitors with Full HD, QHD, and 4K resolutions to cover all bases. We've also taken specs, reviews, prices, and any other unique features into account that we feel make these displays worth considering.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at our top picks for 32-inch monitors.


Best 32-inch monitor

Best 4K 32-inch monitor - BenQ PD3220U

Best 32-inch monitor - BenQ product image of 4K monitor
Credit: Photo by BenQ
Brand: BenQ | Screen size: 32" | Resolution: 4K | Display type: LCD | Refresh rate: 60hz | Response time: 5ms | Aspect ratio: 16:9

Combined with a 4K resolution, a 32-inch screen can provide you with a really amazing viewing experience. Luckily for you, the BenQ PD3220U gives you just that.


BenQ’s AQcolour technology should also add some vibrant colour accuracy to the screen. This could make it good for video editing or photoshopping images.

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It comes with a bunch of ergonomic features, too. These include being able to tilt, swivel and pivot the screen, as well as being able to adjust the height.

This should help you optimise your setup to your personal preference and, in turn, keep you comfortable whilst working at a desk.

Best HDR 32-inch monitor - LG 32UL750-W

Best 32-inch monitor - LG product image of HDR monitor
Credit: Photo by LG
Brand: LG | Screen size: 32" | Resolution: 4K | Display type: LED | Refresh rate: 60hz | Response time: 4ms | Aspect ratio: 16:9

Potentially also one of the best HDR (high dynamic range) monitors, the LG 32UL750-W has Vesa Display HDR600. What this means is the display has a peak brightness of 600 nits which is pretty impressive for this size.

Alongside this, it also has a 4K resolution. The brightness level combined with the high resolution should ultimately enhance the visual clarity when viewing images and videos on the screen.

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If you also happen to enjoy a bit of gaming every now and again, you could potentially use it for this because it comes with Radeon FreeSync to align the refresh rate of a display with the framerate for a smoother gaming experience.

Therefore, you shouldn't notice as much stuttering or tearing mid-action which, in turn, should help you perform to the best of your ability.


Best QHD 32-inch monitor - Gigabyte G32QC A

Best 32-inch monitor - Gigabyte product image of QHD monitor
Credit: Photo by Gigabyte
Brand: Gigabyte | Screen size: 32" | Resolution: QHD | Display type: LED | Refresh rate: 165hz | Response time: 1ms | Aspect ratio: 16:9

Although not quite 4K, this Gigabyte G32QC A has a QHD resolution, which should still provide a really good picture quality.

In fact, thanks to a high refresh rate of 165hz as well, this monitor can probably go down as one of the best video editing monitors available on the market.

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A 1ms response time also means it should give you a smooth experience when you’re editing work, or whilst gaming if you prefer a slightly larger screen whilst playing your favourite video game titles.

So, if you’re a video editor or work within graphic design, this may well be a good choice for you.

Best curved 32-inch monitor - Samsung Odyssey G7 Series

Best 32-inch monitor - Samsung product image of curved monitor
Credit: Photo by Samsung
Brand: Samsung | Screen size: 32" | Resolution: QHD | Display type: QLED | Refresh rate: 240hz | Response time: 1ms | Aspect ratio: 16:9

Generally, you can trust a curved display to look pretty cool, and the Samsung Odyssey G7 Series is no different.


Curved monitors work well when you want to game on a larger screen size. This is because it will expand your peripheral vision so that you don’t miss anything going on in the game towards the edges of the screen.

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A 240hz refresh rate and 1ms response time should also benefit your gaming experience by making it smoother.

With HDR600, the brightness should also make it easier to see your enemies in a game.

Best FHD 32-inch monitor - AOC C32G2ZE

Best 32-inch monitor - AOC product image of Full HD monitor
Credit: Photo by AOC
Brand: AOC | Screen size: 32" | Resolution: Full HD | Display type: LCD | Refresh rate: 240hz | Response time: 0.5ms | Aspect ratio: 16:9

The thin frame on the AOC C32G2ZE should enhance the viewing experience of the Full HD display.


This resolution alongside a 240hz refresh rate should still make this monitor good enough for video editing or graphic design.

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The curved display also means it can be used for gaming, whether you're a big gamer or it's simply an after-work pastime that you enjoy doing every now and again.

The AMD FreeSync Premium technology and a 0.5ms response time also allow for smoother gameplay, which will be an added bonus if you do want to play games on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a few questions running through your head about 32-inch monitors, so we're here to help you out with some of the most frequently asked queries.

What do I need a 32-inch monitor for?

32-inch monitors come in handy for multitasking and aren't too far off from having a dual or triple monitor setup.


They're generally a good choice for video editing or graphic design work as the additional space allows you to essentially have a bigger 'canvas' to work with.

They can also come in handy if you need to use a split-screen mode when working due to their large size, allowing you to compare work, copy over notes, and share your screen during a meeting a little easier.

What resolution is best for a 32-inch monitor?

Having a 4K resolution will usually work best with a 32-inch monitor. This is to do with the relation between screen size and pixel size and comes down to PPI (pixels per inch). Essentially, the higher the PPI, the better.

According to a blog by BenQ, a 32-inch monitor with a Full HD resolution has 69 PPI, whilst a 32-inch monitor with a 4K resolution has 138 PPI.