Best monitor for working from home 2023 - Our top picks

best monitor for working from home

best monitor for working from home

If you're looking for the best monitor for working from home, then we've got you covered right here.

It's worth noting first of all that if your day-to-day work involves editing or illustration, then we'd recommend you specifically check out our article on the best graphic design monitors for artists and designers or best video editing monitors.

Monitors can come in all shapes and sizes, so knowing what to go for if you're spending your day in a home office is very important. If you're going to be connecting it to a work laptop, then you'll want to look for a display with easy connectivity.

USB-C connectivity is becoming increasingly common for monitors at the moment and can help to keep your setup minimal.

Having USB-C or Thunderbolt is also going to be important for some of the Mac Mini monitors as well as MacBook Pro and Air monitors and is useful to consider if you're using any kind of Mac in your home office.

Screen size is also pretty important to consider, too. You may wish to go for something bigger than your usual 13-16 inch laptop screen, and opting for a small footprint 24 or 25-inch monitor will give you some extra screen real estate, whilst remaining compact.

Going for something with decent brightness alongside good colour accuracy and coverage is also going to be useful for day-to-day working, although other measures such as high refresh rates and low response times aren't as important here as when choosing a gaming monitor.

With all this in mind, we’ve selected these monitors based on our research into their specs, features, general reviews, and other general points that we think make them worth considering. Plus, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions so you can pick the best one for you.

So with that being said, let’s get into it – here are some of our top picks for the best monitor for working from home available today.

Best Monitor For Working From Home

Best Monitor For Working From Home Dell -  Dell Ultrasharp U2518D

best monitor for working from home dell
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Image Credit: Dell
Brand: Dell | Screen Size: 25″ | Resolution: 2K QHD | Panel Type: IPS | Brightness: 350 cd/m² | Colour: 99% sRGB | Response Time: 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

If you're looking for a fantastic all-round choice for a home office monitor, then the Dell Ultrasharp U2518D looks like a brilliant candidate.

With it, you'll principally find a 25-inch 2K QHD panel with a 2560x1440 resolution that should give you some great-looking colours and great screen real estate with some rather thin bezels. 

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The Dell Ultrasharp U2518D also features a shedload of ports with HDMI Output sorted as well DisplayPort, several USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5mm audio jack. There isn't USB-C directly, but considering what you get in exchange, there's a whole load of ports to use. 

It's got plenty of adjustment options with tilt, height, swivel and 90-degree pivot so you can work in portrait mode, which is rather handy indeed. 

Best Monitor For Working From Home BenQ - BenQ PD2705Q

best monitor for working from home benq
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Image Credit: BenQ
Brand: BenQ | Screen Size: 27″ | Resolution: QHD | Panel Type: IPS | Brightness: 250 cd/m² | Colour: 100% sRGB | Response Time: 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

BenQ makes some marvellous all-round monitors and for home offices, the BenQ PD2705Q looks great. 

It features some amazing colour space coverage with 100% sRGB and 95% DCI-P3 which makes this one of the best monitors out there for intense design work and should mean it can match up well with the displays of the best laptops too, which can have some rather sharp displays indeed. 

Colour space coverage is particularly integral if you're wanting to do any colour-sensitive design work or intense tasks, and a monitor such as this BenQ will definitely help.

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sRGB and DCI-P3 refer to specific colour gamuts, the former being a standard set for general web usage, whilst DCI-P3 is a specialist gamut that is designed with movie production in mind.

Alongside this, expect to find a 27-inch QHD IPS panel to give you some great visual fidelity and some rather good viewing angles, which can be handy if more than one person crowds around this display. 

As for ports, the BenQ PD2705Q Features a decent selection of HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-A offerings but also features 65W USB-C power delivery if you want to charge devices up, as well as connect up a laptop directly. 

There are also some clever pieces of eye care tech involved, such as Low Blue Light, that can help to reduce eye strain, which is going to be very important if you are spending a fair share of your day looking at a screen. 

Another way of reducing eye strain is with any of the best anti-glare screen protectors that can provide another physical layer to help protect your eyes.

Best Portable Monitor For Working From Home - UPERFECT True 4K Portable Monitor

best monitor for working from home portable
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Image Credit: UPERFECT
Brand: UPERFECT | Screen Size: 15.6″ | Resolution: 4K | Panel Type: IPS | Brightness: 400 cd/m² | Colour: 100% sRGB | Response Time: 3ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

For those looking for a more compact monitor solution for working from home, look no further than the UPERFECT True 4K Portable Monitor.

First things first, it's a 4K monitor with a 3840x2160 resolution, which should mean images are sharp and bright. This is certainly reflected with its 400 quoted nits of brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio that makes this quite the capable panel.

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There's a good assortment of ports with USB-C, a 3.5mm audio jack and even Mini HDMI supported, giving you decent connectivity up to a PC or laptop with relative ease. 

A 15.6-inch panel also ensures this is pretty compact compared to other monitors on this list, and if you are ever venturing out from your home office, the UPERFECT True 4K Portable Monitor should be a handy option that's also rather powerful. 

If you're wanting to try out any other portable monitors within your home office setup, then be sure to check our list of the best budget portable monitors right here.

Best Monitor For Working From Home Asus - Asus ProArt Display PA279CV

best monitor for working from home asus
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Image Credit: Asus
Brand: Asus | Screen Size: 27″ | Resolution: 4K | Panel Type: IPS | Brightness: 350 cd/m² | Colour: 100% sRGB | Response Time: 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

The Asus ProArt Display PA279CV is a brilliant choice for a monitor for working from home, especially if you're going to be engaging in any intensive work.

You'll find 100% sRGB coverage and being Calman verified, this monitor should be fantastic for intensive design work and more professional tasks at hand and, in a more general sense, be one of the most colour-accurate monitors out there. 

The fact this monitor is Calman verified means that the panel on show here has been verified as being colour-accurate out of the box and tested against a wide range of industry-standard gamuts which means it can be used for colour-sensitive work such as graphic design or video editing.

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It also looks great with some sleeker, more professional looks that should fit right into your home office, and some thin bezels mean to can make the most of its 27-inch screen size. 

The port selection on the Asus ProArt Display PA279CV is also rather good indeed with 65W USB-C power delivery, as well as four downstream USB-As, two HDMI 2.0s and a DisplayPort out, amongst others. 

Best Monitor For Working From Home LG - LG 27UL500-W

best monitor for working from home lg
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Image Credit: LG
Brand: LG | Screen Size: 27″ | Resolution: 4K | Panel Type: IPS | Brightness: 300 cd/m² | Colour: 98% sRGB | Response Time: 5ms | Refresh Rate: 60Hz

The LG 27UL500-W looks like a great option if you're wanting a versatile all-round monitor with a 4K resolution, in fact, we even think it's one of the best budget 4K monitors you can get.

Its 27-inch 4K IPS panel should be great for general day-to-day office work, giving you some marvellous real estate to work with, as well as the sharp resolution associated with 4K and great viewing angles that an IPS monitor features. 

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Alongside this, it's also colour calibrated and should feature some great colour space coverage with 98% sRGB coverage, meaning if you wanted to, you could use this for some photo or video editing work and get great results.

If you want to game after you've finished working, then you can with this LG 27UL500-W especially with its support for AMD FreeSync so any potential screen tearing and stuttering should be eliminated to provide you with a smooth experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a monitor for working from home worth it?

In short, yes. Getting a monitor that's specifically designed to help you work from home better is arguably one of the most valuable purchases you make.

You'll want to go for a monitor that obviously fits your needs, but generally speaking, a 32-inch 4K panel or a 27-inch 1440p option will be more than enough for most, especially given the gains in resolution both offer compared to the more standard 1080p.

In addition, a monitor for working from home, with those resolutions, should also have good colour space coverage and may have features such as HDR to offer a more vibrant working experience, as well as a decent port selection for connecting all manner of devices.

Is a 27-inch monitor good for office work? 

A 27-inch monitor should be great for office work, given you should be getting some great screen real estate, meaning you can have multiple windows open without sacrificing too much space. 

With a 27-inch monitor, you should also be able to take advantage of higher visual quality with either a WQHD or 4K resolution, which can be useful if you're invested in any more intense work.

What size monitor is best for working from home?

This is all down to personal preference, although the 27 inches we've discussed above will provide you with a good middle ground, but this is all down to personal preference.

There are more compact options available with 24-inch panels which will be great for those who want to have their eyes on everything at once and maybe don't have the space for a larger panel.

Of course, you can get much bigger monitors with some exceeding 32-inch screen sizes. These are particularly useful for those who are power users and need to have multiple tabs open at once with full visibility of each.

Is a curved monitor good for a home office?

Curved monitors can be pretty good for a home office if you've got the desk space for one. They can essentially offer you a more immersive experience with a wider resolution, so you can be more engrossed in your work.  

Are gaming monitors good for work? 

Compared to monitors specifically designed for office work and productivity, gaming monitors aren't the best for working.

Whilst having a high refresh rate is rather handy if you're gaming, it isn't the most useful function for day-to-day working, and a monitor with a high refresh rate may not have as good colour accuracy or contrast as monitors meant for design work, for instance. 

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