Best triple monitor stand 2023 - Our top picks

best triple monitor stand

best triple monitor stand

If you're looking for the best triple monitor stand, we've got you covered right here.

Investing in a triple monitor stand can be a useful method of making your desk look cleaner whilst also offering more space, just like the best dual monitor stands. In fact, combining it with a device like one of the best laptop stands can offer you a really comprehensive and professional setup.

If you're planning on using a triple monitor stand to assist your ability to work from home, you may want to check out our guide on the best monitors for working from home.

If you happen to own a few different monitors for gaming, even if they're simply some of the best gaming monitors under 200, a triple monitor stand can also be great for offering extra immersion when playing your favourite games.

By going for a multiple monitor setup when playing certain genres, such as racing sims, you'll find that these can look even better across three screens than one.

Knowing what to go for though can be pretty tricky - to help you out, we've selected these triple monitor stands based on our research into their specs, features, general reviews, and other general points that we think make them worth considering. Plus, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions so you can pick the best one for you.

So with that being said, let’s get into it – here are some top picks for the best triple monitor stand available today.

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand Premium - Ergotron HX Desk Triple Monitor Arm

best triple monitor stand ergotron
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Image Credit: Ergotron

Ergotron makes some of the best monitor stands and arms out there, and the HX Desk Triple Monitor Arm looks like a great choice if you want to mount three monitors in style.

It's designed for smaller monitors, supporting those up to 24 inches in screen size and a weight of up to 4.6kg per monitor also backs this up.

Having three 24-inch monitors provides you with an effective 72-inch screen in front of you, which should provide you with plenty of real estate to work with.

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This Ergotron HX Desk Triple Monitor Arm also provides plenty of adjustment with tilt, 180 degrees pan and 360 degrees of rotation, meaning if you want to mount your monitors in either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on your workflow.

Having such vast adjustments can be a very useful way of ensuring your eyes aren't too strained from working and can help to make your setup as comfortable as possible through potentially improving posture.

There's also some built-in cable management underneath the arm and through the extension so your setup can look as neat and tidy as possible. Handy if you're going for a sleek-looking setup.

Best Triple Monitor Stand Mid-Range - MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand

best triple monitor stand mountup
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Image Credit: MOUNTUP

This MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand looks like a fantastic mid-range choice for mounting your monitors.

You'll find it features pretty sturdy construction with a combination of metal and plastic, and clamps on your desk in a convenient fashion which is handy.

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It can support monitors up to 27 inches in size on each arm, so this is a good option for those wanting to use some slightly larger monitors, who are looking to take advantage of 81 inches of cumulative screen size.

The MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand is also fully adjustable with three points of articulation per arm, as well as the usual tilt, rotate and angling options for all three arms, meaning you can configure the arm to how you want it to look with ease.

Best Triple Monitor Stand Budget - VIVO Triple Monitor Mount

best triple monitor stand vivo
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Image Credit: VIVO

For those wanting to mount three screens affordably, the VIVO Triple Monitor Mount looks like a great choice.

You'll find some good adjustment options with tilt, rotation and angling, and also height adjustment of up to 18.3 inches on the central arm which raises the entire stand up.

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It's comprised entirely of steel which should make it rather sturdy indeed, and this VIVO Triple Monitor Mount can also support monitors up to 32 inches in size and 6.9kg in weight, meaning a decent set of monitors should be able to fit with ease.

Cable management is taken care of with a couple of hooks around the back, which keeps things easy so you can route and channel them down behind your desk as you need to.

Best Triple Monitor Stand Compact - TechOrbit Three Monitor Stand Mount

best triple monitor stand techorbit
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Image Credit: TechOrbit

The TechOrbit Three Monitor Stand Mount looks like a great choice if you're after the benefits of a triple stand all within a small footprint.

It can conveniently clamp to the back of your desk, as well as mount through it with the help of some grommet mounting, which is intriguing, and means it should look rather sleek on your desk when all set up.

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There are also loads of adjustment options thanks to some gas spring arms giving you the ability to adjust your monitors into landscape or portrait orientation with ease, as well as 90 degrees of tilt with three points of articulation in each arm.

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This TechOrbit Three Monitor Stand Mount can support monitors up to 30 inches in size, although with a weight limit of 6.9kg, you may be limited to smaller, more compact options.

Best Triple Monitor Stand Stacked - WALI Triple Monitor Mount

best triple monitor stand wali
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Image Credit: WALI

If a standard side-by-side configuration, isn't for you, then the WALI Triple Monitor Mount offers you an intriguing alternative.

It offers a triple monitor stand in a stacking configuration, so you have two side-by-side with one above. This is useful if you're wanting to display some supplementary content on a third screen, or if you don't use a triple-screen setup all the time, and want to focus on working with a dual-screen setup.

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The metal construction on the WALI Triple Monitor Mount should mean things are nicely sturdy, and this mount can also support monitors up to 27 inches in size with a weight of 10kg.

As for adjustment, there looks to be some decent scope for it on offer with some tilt and rotation options, but given this offers a different configuration to most other triple monitor arms, an adjustment may not be of as paramount importance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying a triple monitor stand?

In short, yes. A triple monitor stand represents a great investment for the sake of both increasing desk space and offering a cleaner setup.

Moreover, they also work well for ergonomics given you traditionally get loads of adjustability with monitor stands so you're sure to be able to get comfortable with one, too.

How much should I spend on a triple monitor stand?

To be honest, this all depends on what you're looking for. As a general rule, spending around $100 will get you an arm that's well-made with good adjustment options. You can then scale up or down depending on your budget and how much adjustment you feel you need.

Spending more than this will traditionally give you more scope for adjustment with possibly larger tilt options and gas-assisted springs so manoeuvring your monitors around is an awful lot easier.

What makes a good triple monitor stand?

In our eyes, a good triple monitor stand should be well made and sturdily built, feature good adjustment options in the form of rotation, tilt and angling, and support monitors of a good size and weight.

In essence, we'd say to head for something made of metal that offers great scope for adjustment and supports monitors up to 32 inches in size, and you should be golden.

Do triple monitor stands make a difference?

We'd say that triple monitor stands can definitely make a difference if you're looking to mount three monitors at once in a convenient form, and with it, it'll make a difference to the amount of free desk space you have to fill with peripherals, for instance.

Do I need a thick desk for a triple monitor stand?

This all depends on the type of clamping mechanism that the stand uses. Most of the ones we've selected are side-clamp mounted stands that require a straight edge on the top and bottom of your desk to clamp to in order to be stable, and for the best results, having a thicker desk is advisable.

You can get free-standing triple monitor stands that simply rest on your desk and hold the weight of the monitors, and these can be placed on any type of desk, given they are just a stand and not a full-blown arm.

You can also get stands that you can grommet mount to your desk. This requires you to drill a hole through your desk so the stand can be threaded through. It is the most secure method but is only advisable if you're wanting more of a permanent solution.

Can you put any monitor on a stand?

In short, yes. You should be able to mount any monitor to a stand, given that most displays will be compliant with the VESA mounting standard.

This will depend on the monitor itself and which spacing it utilises, but the monitor arms should come with a bracket that can support most monitors.

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