Best graphic design monitor 2023 - Our top picks for designers and artists

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best graphic design monitor

There's a lot more to finding the best graphic design monitor than you'd think, especially with the huge amount of options out there today.

Nowadays, it's not always about having the highest resolution, and with more interdisciplinary creatives than ever, the best graphic design monitors have to bring much more to the table.


While many monitors on the market today 'could' be used for graphic design, such as some of the best budget 4k monitors, there are some that are tailor-made to give you accurate colour, high contrast and peak brightness, so you can create with confidence.

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We've selected a number of graphic design monitors based on specs, general reviews, and features they offer that we think make them stand out from the crowd. We've also answered some of your most frequently asked questions after our list, so you can know what to look out for.

Let's get to it - these are what we think are some of the best graphic design monitors available today.

Best Graphic Design Monitor

Best Graphic Design Monitor LG - LG Monitor 27MD5KL-B Ultrafine

best graphic design monitor LG
Image Credit: LG
Brand: LG | Screen Size: 27" | Resolution: 5K | Brightness: 500 nits | Colour: DCI-P3 99% Color Gamut | Ports: Thunderbolt 3 Port (up to 94W), USB-C | Refresh Rate: 48 - 60z

If you're a graphic designer, you've likely come across the LG Monitor 27MD5KL-B Ultrafine on your search for the best monitor, and with good reason.


You're getting 5K resolution here, plus a DCI-P3 99% colour gamut, which when combined with a substantial 500 nit brightness, should more than deliver.

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This monitor could be one of the best monitors for MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs too, as it comes with a USB-C port and Thunderbolt 3 Port too. This functionality plus its small base also makes for a cleaner-looking setup, allowing you more space on your desk to sketch and hand-design.

It's a fantastic-looking monitor that won't dominate your working area, and one that we feel is practically ageless in design. A worthy contender for your consideration if we ever saw one.

Best Graphic Design Monitor Dell - Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 Inch 4K

best graphic design monitor Dell
Image Credit: Dell
Brand: Dell | Screen Size: 27" Resolution: 4K | Colour: 99% sRGB, 95% DCI-P3, 89% Adobe RGB | Brightness: 350 cd/m2 | Ports: USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, DP | HDR: DisplayHDR 400

Another common monitor you'll likely come across on a number of lists for graphic design is the Dell UltraSharp U2720Q.

4K resolution with a 27" screen size always looks impressive, and this monitor's colour is also up there with the best. 95% DCI-P3 is good for most graphic designers out there, and while there are other monitors that may boast more, they'll be much higher in price than this display.

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It's certified as DisplayHDR 400, which also means you can work on, or consume HDR content, making this one of the best HDR monitors too. Its 350-nit brightness should be more than enough to produce vivid colour and help when working in well-lit rooms. You can read more about the DisplayHDR standard right here.

Again, it features a small base and you're getting USB-C ports here for charging and keeping your desk space free of unnecessary wires. Add that to narrow bezels and an ultra-minimal design, and you've practically go the complete package.


Best Graphic Design Monitor Apple - Apple Pro Display XDR

best graphic design monitor apple
Credit: Apple
Brand: Apple | Screen Size: 32" Resolution: 6K | Colour: 'Wide P3 colour gamut' | Brightness: 500 cd/m² (SDR), up to 1600 (HDR) | Ports: USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 | HDR: Yes

Apple's own Pro Display XDR looks to be an excellent and rather premium choice for those wanting an all-conquering monitor for graphic design.

With it, comes a rather beefy 6K resolution, which should provide some incredibly detailed images, and look fantastic over the 32-inches of screen real estate on offer here.

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A quoted 1600 nits of peak brightness thanks to a Mini LED backlit panel should also mean colours and images look vibrant on the Pro Display XDR, as is backed up by the wide P3 colour gamut on offer.

This means this monitor should be up to more colour-sensitive work such as graphic design. You can read more about using DCI-P3 for creative work right here.

This monitor should also be capable of handling HDR content, given the peak brightness, which is especially useful, as is the good port selection with Thunderbolt 3 and 3x USB-Cs on offer for reducing desk clutter.

Best Graphic Design Monitor ASUS - ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV

best graphic design monitor asus
Image Credit: Asus
Brand: Asus | Screen Size: 27″ | Resolution: 4K | Colour: 100% sRGB, | Panel Type: IPS | Refresh Rate: 75hz | Brightness: 350 cd/m2

If you're looking for something that won't break the bank, but still delivers the good when it comes to colour accuracy, then this Calman verified monitor from Asus with the ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV could be a good way to go.


The fact this monitor is Calman verified means that the panel on show here has been verified as being colour-accurate out of the box and tested against a wide range of industry-standard gamuts.

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Unlike many of the other monitors on the list, this is actually 1440p. While this is less than 4K, it shouldn't deter you though. 27" at 1440p is seen by many (especially gamers) as a bit of a sweet spot between price and performance.

For those doing incredibly detailed work, sure, a 4K or above monitor may serve you well, but for most graphic designers displays like this should be more than enough for your needs.

Best Ultrawide Graphic Design Monitor - LG 34WK95U-W 34"UltraWide 5K

Best graphic design monitor
Image Credit: LG
Brand: LG | Screen Size: 34" | Brightness: 450 cd/m2 | Colour: 99% sRGB, 85% Adobe RGB | Ports: USB-C via Thunderbolt 3)

Ultrawide monitors may form the minority of displays for gamers, but for graphic design and video editing, they're very useful indeed.


Unlike some ultrawide monitors, this LG 34WK95U-W is 5K, which allows you to have a 4K window open, with something on the side (like pictured). This has a ton of advantages if you're editing and creating.

Its aspect ratio is 21:9 which gives you plenty of extra space, whilst still having a height like most regular screens.

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It's also flat screen too, which is important for graphic design work, as sometimes curves can distort your perspective of the object you're working on.

Colour and brightness are also up there with the best, and it features USB-C via Thunderbolt 3, making this another worthy consideration for MacBook users.

Best Graphic Design Monitor ViewSonic -ViewSonic VP3268-4K

best graphic design monitor viewsonic
Image Credit: ViewSonic
Brand: ViewSonic | Screen Size: 32" | Resolution: 4K | Brightness: 350 cd/m2 | Colour: 99.67% sRGB, 77.24% Adobe RGB | Ports: USB-C, HDMI, DP

For a larger display, you may want to check out this ViewSonic VP3268-4K monitor.


It features an IPS display for wider viewing angles and boasts good colour coverage, brightness, and HDR 10 to offer quite a high level of vibrancy. You can read more about HDR 10 right here.

As for ports, it features a USB-C port with 90W charging and it even has built-in speakers.

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Its refresh rate is actually pretty decent too, coming in at 75hz, which should work nicely with fast-motion content.

For graphic designers who prefer a bigger screen but don't want to spend upwards of $1000, this monitor could be a good one to consider.

Considering that a lot of graphic designers will be working on a Mac too, it's no surprise this Viewsonic offering is one of the best Mac Mini monitors out there too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graphic Design Monitors

There are always a few questions which pop up time and time again, so here we'll answer them the best we can, so you can make an informed decision on your next upgrade.


Is a monitor for graphic design worth it?

We'd say that a graphic design monitor is especially worth it, given their specialist usage application and the incredible picture quality they can output.

Whilst you can use any monitor for design work, getting a specialist monitor such as the ones we've listed above will ensure you're getting the best user experience possible with wide colour space coverage and a colour-accurate panel that's also bright, with a good resolution.

Are gaming monitors good for designers?

Sort of. Gaming monitors prioritize response time, low input lag, and refresh rates over specs like DCI-P3 colour coverage.

While many gaming monitors will work well for design, especially if they have an IPS display, you'll find that when it comes to colour coverage they typically lack what advanced graphic designers need.

If you're after the fine details, then we'd say shop around for a good graphic design monitor first, but if you want something for gaming too, then a gaming monitor certified at DisplayHDR 600 should do the trick.


Are ultrawide monitors good for designers?

They're better for video editors, as the format lends itself well to the activity, but they're also good for graphic designers who want to have a few windows open at the same time.

If you're referencing a photo, for example, having an ultrawide display could come in handy.

We'd say lean more towards 5K ultrawide over WQHD displays, as this will reduce any upscaling or descaling.

What is a gamut?

Colour gamuts are essentially ranges of colours of screen outputs that we measure devices against to see how effective they are at reproducing colours. If a device has a 99% sRGB rating, it means it can reproduce 99% of the colours within the standard RGB range.

Do graphic designers need 4K?

It's good to have, but not essential. We'd say a minimum of 1440p is where you should start, especially if you're just getting into graphic design or are working with a smaller budget.


4K resolution is worth it when you go for a bigger screen, such as 32", like many of the best budget 4K monitors do. Going for QHD at 32" however may not look too great. Stick at 28" max for QHD and you should be all good.

Do graphic designers need HDR?

We'd say that having HDR as a graphic design is essential. This is because HDR, or high dynamic range, can certainly improve the quality of your monitor's colours to be more accurate and lifelike, and it can be a rather useful feature to have. You can read more about what HDR is right here.

Is OLED good for graphic design?

An OLED panel is likely to be excellent for graphic design given the lifelike colours and incredible vibrancy they offer with some truly amazing contrast.

The problem is, however, that OLED monitors for design are few and far between, as the technology is majorly reserved for larger-screen television and gaming monitors at present., but there are a couple of options out there if you look hard enough.