Best 75hz Monitor 2023 - Our top picks

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Finding the best 75hz monitor can be quite a tricky task, but we're here to make your life that little bit easier...

75hz monitors are, simply put, monitors that have a 75hz refresh rate. What's a refresh rate? Well, it's basically the number of times per second that the image on your screen can change.


And, the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the on-screen movement. It's for that reason that gamers tend to lean more towards the best 240hz monitors and the best 360hz monitors, so they can keep track of the action.

But do higher refresh rates matter? For gaming, yes, but for more everyday tasks, not so much.

The main selling point of 75hz monitors is that they're generally cheaper, but their refresh rate is high enough to handle 60fps. That's great for light video editing, and not bad for some light gaming too.

Most monitors are fairly similar in their offerings, so when it comes to picking the right one we'd say focus on design, ports, and panel type - IPS being the one to go for in our opinion for its colour and viewing angles.

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With all of this in mind, we’ve picked out these 75hz monitors based on specs, general reviews and features that we think make them worth buying.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at our top picks of 75hz monitors.

Best 75hz Monitor


Best 75hz Monitor Acer - Acer SB270 Bbix 75hz Monitor

best 75hz monitor acer
Credit: Acer
Brand: Acer | Screen size: 27" | Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | Display type: LED | Refresh rate: 75hz | Response time: 1ms VRB

At 27 inches, this Acer 75hz monitor is perfect for gaming, as the large screen size will completely immerse you in the unique world of whichever game you might be playing.

It's also got a full HD resolution, which will make the picture and video on the screen super clear and it will further enhance your experience.


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Added to this, it has IPS technology, which allows you to accurately see colour from up to 178 degrees, making it perfect to play games on or watch videos on from slightly awkward angles - for example if there are a few of you together and it's a tight squeeze around the screen.

An added health bonus, as well, is that it's better for your eyes than certain other monitors because it has technologies that reduce eye strain and stop screen flickering and blue light.

Best 75hz Monitor ASUS - ASUS VP229HE 75hz Monitor

Best 75hz monitor asus
Credit: Asus
Brand: ASUS | Screen size: 21.5" | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Display type: LCD | Refresh rate: 75hz | Response time: 5ms

This ASUS Wall Mountable 75hz Monitor is wall mountable and is made to look extremely elegant by its frameless design, which will also give you a greater degree of immersion when gaming or watching videos.

It also has a 178 degree IPS wide-viewing-angle panel, which gives it a consistent and accurate colour no matter what angle you're viewing it from.

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This monitor is particularly great for gaming as it's been co-developed with pro gamers and offers GamePlus Technology. This means it comes with features such as display alignment, a timer and crosshair.

Plus, if you're someone who games a for hours on end, it has flicker-free technology, colour augmentation and a rest reminder to try and help take care of your eyes so you're not straining them too much.

Best 75hz Monitor ViewSonic - ViewSonic VS2247-MH 75hz Monitor

best 75hz monitor ViewSonic
Credit: ViewSonic
Brand: ViewSonic | Screen size: 22" | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Display type: LCD | Refresh rate: 75hz | Response time: 5ms

With a thin bezel design, the screen on this ViewSonic 75hz Monitor takes up all of the room, leaving you with a more immersive and seamless experience for viewing videos, photographs or playing games on.


Further enhancing the immersion, it also has MVA technology and a true 8-bit panel, which means it provides you with the same image quality even if you're looking at the screen from above of from the side.

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The monitor also has Adaptive Sync, synchronising the frame rate output between your monitor and graphics card. This means there won't be any stutters or tearing when you're trying to ace your way through a game.

A great added feature is also the fact you can select your viewing mode. It offers you the option of viewing it in 'Game', 'Movie', 'Web', 'Text', or 'Mono' modes.

Best 75hz Monitor Dell - Dell SE2422HX 75hz Monitor

Best 75hz monitor Dell
Credit: Dell
Brand: Dell | Screen size: 24" | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Display type: LED | Refresh rate: 75hz | Response time: 8ms

With Comfortview, Dell's 75hz monitor is extremely easy on your eyes and is TÜV-certified. It has a flicker-free screen, which reduces blue light emissions that can be harmful to your eyes if you're looking at the screen for prolonged periods of time.


This monitor is great for work purposes, as Dell Easy Arrange allows you to organise your personal view of multiple windows so everything in front on you is clearly laid out in a way that doesn't confuse you.

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Also making it perfect for an office environment, it has a built-in power supply unit and a discreet cable holder on the stand riser so the cable won't get in your way and it doesn't look messy.

As well as using the monitor for work, you can also just as easily use it during your down time when you want to kick back, relax and play some leisurely games. This is due to the fact it has a fast response time and AMD FreeSync technology which will make your gaming experience smoother.

Best 75hz Monitor Sceptre - E205W-16003R 75hz Monitor

best 75hz monitor scepter
Credit: Sceptre
Brand: Sceptre | Screen size: 20" | Resolution: 1600 x 900 | Display type: LED | Refresh rate: 75hz | Response time: 5ms

75hz monitors tend to be affordable anyway, but the Sceptre Ultra Thin LED 75hz monitor comes at a particularly good price whilst still maintaining its quality.


It comes with built-in speakers which provide you with brilliant audio for conference calls and internet workshops, making this monitor perfect for your office space whilst on-site or working from home.

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To aid your screen experience, it comes with what is known as Adaptive Sync, which is a technology that closes the gap between the monitor's refresh rates and the graphics card in order to get rid of image tearing and stuttering.

It also has a full HD resolution and has anti-flicker technology to create a crisper and clearer image for you to enjoy looking at.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 75hz monitors good?

All in all, 75hz monitors are good and they offer great image quality for their refresh rate.


They also can offer health bonuses as they're very good at reducing eye strain, particularly when compared to 60hz monitors.

75hz monitors are perfectly good if you want to use them for work, to watch videos on, or to play games on. If you do want to game on them, they won't be as smooth as on a higher refresh rate, such as 144hz, but they are still good for casual gaming.

Is 75hz better than 60hz?

Yes, 75hz is better than 60hz. This is because the higher the refresh rate, the better the video quality, which will improve your overall experience whilst using your monitor.

And, as mentioned previously, 75hz could have less strain on your eyes according to this article from ViewSonic, who also explain the advantages of 75hz vs 60hz.

Is 75hz good for 1080p gaming?

Yes, a 75hz monitor is good for 1080p gaming. In fact, 60hz is the bare minimum you need for full HD gaming.

A lot of the 75hz monitors available on the market do actually come with a 1080p resolution. As you can see, all except one of our top picks for the best 75hz monitors come with those specifications.

Is there a big difference between 75hz and 120hz?

Most people do notice a big difference in smoothness between a 75hz and a 120hz monitor. Once again, this is down to the fact a 120hz monitor has a higher refresh rate, automatically making the quality better. Many of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors on the market today are 120hz and above.

Another factor in 120hz being better might also be due to the resolution. This is because 75hz monitors can only be 1080p, where as 120hz can be both 1080p and 4K. Therefore, if you have a 120hz monitor that also has a 4K resolution, there will be an even more noticeable difference between a 120hz and 75hz monitor.

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