Best Ultrawide Monitor Arms 2024

A black ultrawide monitor mounted to a monitor arm in front of a blurry image of someone sat at a mounted ultrawide monitor.
Credit: VIVO

A black ultrawide monitor mounted to a monitor arm in front of a blurry image of someone sat at a mounted ultrawide monitor.
Credit: VIVO

The best ultrawide monitor arm can help you save your desk real estate while keeping your big old monitor safe.

Throwing down on any one of the best ultrawide monitors is no small deal, as they often tip the scales in both price and overall weight. So, if you've invested in a shiny new monitor (even if it is just a budget ultrawide monitor) nothing would be worse than having it mercilessly faceplant onto your desk due to a sub-standard monitor arm.

That's why we've searched around to find what we think are some of the best ultrawide monitor arms available, by looking carefully at specs, general reviews, and anything else that we thought made them stand out from the crowd.

Let's take a closer look at what's out there, and which ones you may want to consider in your search!

Best ultrawide monitor arms

  1. Ergotron HX Single Arm - a top premium choice
  2. VIVO Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm - a superb mid-range option
  3. AVLT Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount - best budget pick
  4. VIVO Heavy Duty Monitor Arm - a great fixed monitor arm
  5. HUANUO Monitor Single Arm - best option for adjustability
Ergotron HX product image of a white monitor arm with an ultrawide display mounted to it.
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Credit: Ergotron

1. Ergotron HX Single Arm

Best premium ultrawide monitor arm

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Perhaps one of the most impressive mainstream monitor arms available right now, the Ergotron lives up to its name by providing a huge range of super smooth motion.

This monitor arm holds anywhere between 20lbs - 42lbs (which is 9kg - 19kg). That's enough for even some of the biggest ultrawide monitors you can get, like the Samsung 49" Odyssey G9, when you grab the HX Heavy-Duty Tilt Pivot accessory with it.

What makes this even more sturdy is the double desk clamp. Traditionally, most monitor arms just have one, which is fine for anything up to 32", or maybe a little bigger if you're feeling risky.

It even comes with built-in cable organization solutions, so you can really give a sense that your monitor is 'floating' without any unsightly wires ruining the illusion!

It's an expensive monitor arm for sure, but when it comes to functionality, build quality, and just flat-out stunning design, it does seem worth considering if you're going for something epic.

Reasons to buy

  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Has built-in cable management

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Vivo product image of a black monitor arm with an ultrawide monitor mounted with blue lighting beneath.
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Credit: Vivo

2. Vivo Single Ultrawide Monitor Arm

Best mid-range ultrawide monitor arm

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If you want to get something that ticks all the boxes, but comes in at less of a weight price tag, then this monitor arm from Vivo looks like a decent way to go.

It fits screens from 17" - 43", and up to 49" ultrawide, supporting up to 39.6lbs (17.96kg). That's more than enough for most ultrawide monitors out there today.

Again, you've got a thick, heavy-duty desk clamp, plus a pneumatic arm for easy adjustments on the fly, which you can adjust the tension to ensure you find the optimal feel for your monitor.

You can give the monitor a 45-degree tilt in either direction and 180 degrees of freedom for both swivel and rotation, so you'll really be able to find a comfortable position.

You've also got built-in cable management to keep your workspace looking super clean, and to top it all off, it comes with a 3-year warranty so you can be sure that this sturdy arm is gonna last you.

Reasons to buy

  • The pneumatic arm makes it easy to adjust your monitor's position
  • Can tilt it to your liking

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AVLT product image of a black single arm with an ultrawide monitor mounted to it and a laptop in front.
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Credit: AVLT

3. AVLT Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount

Best budget ultrawide monitor arm

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When it comes to defining 'budget' with the more heavy-duty monitor arms, you're still looking at around the $100 mark, so in that sense, this is a good 'budget' option.

It features practically everything we've seen before, including a heavy-duty, but surprisingly small, base, alongside a gas-powered arm for frictionless movement. This fits 13" - 43" displays and supports up to 33 lbs (15kg).

When it comes to design, it's actually one of the more minimal-looking monitor arms we've come across, but without the premium price point...

Reasons to buy

  • Cheaper than its competitors
  • Its small base helps save even more space

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Vivo product image of a black single arm with a monitor mounted sat on a desk next to a PC.
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Credit: Vivo

4. Vivo Heavy Duty Arm

Best fixed ultrawide monitor arm

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Fixed monitor arms are the most basic (and cheapest) variation around, but that doesn't mean they skimp on build quality In fact, my current monitor arm is fixed, and is built like a tank...a very minimal-looking tank, but I digress.

This monitor arm from Vivo is a good shout if you've got a 'smaller' ultrawide monitor. It can fit up to 38" and support around 22lbs (9.98kg).

That's pretty good, but granted not quite as good as the more expensive additions on this list, so probably best to be cautious when loading this up with anything that's right on the max weight.

But for slightly lighter ultrawide monitors, and for the price, we think it's well worth checking out, especially if you want to save some cash for any of the best wireless mice or wireless keyboards.

Reasons to buy

  • Has a sturdy, fixed design
  • Cheaper than adjustable options

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HUANUO Single Arm product image of a black single monitor mount with yellow wiring.
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Credit: Huanuo

5. HUANUO Single Arm

Best adjustable ultrawide monitor arm

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Another solid option that can work with ultrawide monitors, but not the biggest and heaviest on the market, is this monitor arm from Huanuo.

This brand makes some seriously impressive monitor arms for reasonable prices, case in point, this supports up to 35" displays and up to 26lbs (12kg) all for under $100.

Huanuo always seems to have some added cable management solution thrown into the mix too, but in this case, they even have a USB port built into the stand itself. How useful that is, we don't really know, but it's a nice touch for the price point.

Another worthy contender in our eyes, and one worth considering if you've got a mid-sized ultrawide display.

Reasons to buy

  • Incredibly versatile for the price
  • Features built-in USB ports

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It always pays to do your research before committing to anything, so with that in mind, let's take a look at the most commonly asked questions about these specific monitor arms.

What type of monitor arm is best?

There are a few different types, ranging from fixed to fully articulating. As the names suggest, they can offer different ranges of motion, usually at increased or decreased cost.

We'd say think about what you're using your monitor arm for and what role it has to play. If you want something to just raise your monitor up to a level that promotes good posture, then a fixed arm is fine.

If you work both standing and sitting, you'll need to adjust the monitor a lot - go for the full articulating arm in that case.

Are monitor arms worth it?

Yes! Very much so. Not only do they make your setup look great whilst granting more freedom for your desk space, but they also promote better posture and allow you to avoid craning your neck when working.

And on top of that, some of them are very cheap, and seemingly last forever.

Do monitor arms work with curved monitors?

They do, but you'll need to make sure you have the right attachment in some cases. 97% of the time, we'd say you'd be all good to go, but it's always worth checking before.

How much should I spend on an ultrawide monitor arm?

This all depends on what you're looking to get out of an ultrawide monitor arm.

Spending up to $150 for instance is likely to get you a budget arm that may only support smaller monitors and be fixed, so there isn't much adjustment on offer.

If you want to spend a bit more, say in the $250-$400 range, you're likely to get a premium ultrawide monitor arm that will adjust and pivot in multiple directions with premium-material construction.

What is VESA support?

In short, VESA support refers to a universal mounting standard adopted by monitor and TV manufacturers to make wall mounting or bracket mounting,

Specifically, it defines the distance between the four mounting holes you find on the back of a display.

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