Dungeons & Dragons VR game coming from brilliant Demeo developer

Thunderchaud from Dungeons and Dragons wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset

Thunderchaud from Dungeons and Dragons wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have partnered with Demeo developer Resolution Games to develop an official Dungeons & Dragons VR game, likely for Meta Quest 3.

Not much is known about the in-development VR game, but this does mark the first time the D&D license has been given to a virtual reality game.

Partnering with Resolution Games, we should expect another tabletop RPG with virtual reality interactions. Demeo, the studio’s last game, recreated the turn-based tabletop nature of classic fantasy board games in VR.

While we didn’t review Demeo here at Stealth Optional, Demeo was one of the most critically acclaimed VR games the year of its release. Available right now on the Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR 2, the game is one of the best examples of VR tabletop games.

“As anyone who’s played Demeo can guess, we’re incredibly huge fans of tabletop roleplaying games. Dungeons & Dragons offers one of the richest fantasy worlds that has ever been created, and it only gets bigger with every new sourcebook and adventure,” said Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm.

“We’re beyond humbled to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible IP and look forward to sharing the first details of this new project in the future.”

Following the massive success of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG project Baldur’s Gate 3, Wizards of the Coast is seemingly looking to create even more games based on the iconic fantasy series. While parent company Hasbro has since let go of the managers behind that record-breaking deal, it seems new projects are taking place.

Resolution Games isn’t the only developer making Dungeons & Dragons like games in virtual reality. Games like Tabletop Simulator and Tabletop Playgrounds are great ways to play D&D with friends in virtual reality.

Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast have not revealed when its Dungeons & Dragons VR game will release, or what platforms it’ll launch on. However, we fully expect the game to launch on Meta Quest 3 and PC.

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