Quest 2’s coolest multiplayer game is shutting down

quest 2 coolest multiplayer game is shutting down
Credit: EA

quest 2 coolest multiplayer game is shutting down
Credit: EA

In an unfortunate bit of news, Quest 2’s Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will soon be losing its multiplayer this December. While the single-player campaign will still be available, not being able to play this online with friends is disappointing for VR users.

Fans on the Oculus Quest subreddit pointed out how the shooter’s store page confirms the multiplayer will be removed later this year. Unsurprisingly, this has proven to be a fairly unpopular decision since the multiplayer mode is beloved by many.

No reason was given for the multiplayer mode’s removal, though this is usually due to a low player base. The release of Quest 3 certainly isn’t the reason as Above and Beyond is backward compatible, alongside the entire Quest 2 catalogue.

Some players in the subreddit think that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was destined to fail on VR. Many of them point out how the game takes up 40 GB on Quest 2, which is a lot of space for the standalone VR headset. At the time, it was considered a flop on the system.

Unfortunately, Medal of Honor hasn’t had the best track record since Call of Duty took its place as the war shooter. Various attempts to bring back the franchise have failed, including Warfighter on 6th generation consoles and now this Quest 2 shooter. (Editor’s Note: Warfighter was awesome, and can be played on Xbox One and Series backward compatibility.)

Losing Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’s multiplayer in Quest 2 is disappointing, despite having a lot of hit multiplayer shooters on the platform. More gamers still see VR as niche and lacking in more in-depth experiences, so losing a mode that could have changed their minds is a shame.

At the least, fans can still pick up Above and Beyond if they want a solid single-player FPS in VR. Despite middling reviews, fans feel that the campaign is worth it for those that have these headsets.

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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is currently available on Quest 2 and will be backward compatible on Quest 3.

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