Wizards of the Coast team who greenlit Baldur's Gate 3 have all been fired

baldurs gate 3 wizards of the coast fired
Credit: Larian Studios

baldurs gate 3 wizards of the coast fired
Credit: Larian Studios

Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 was The Game Awards’ Game of the Year, with many agreeing that the D&D RPG deserves its flowers. Unfortunately, it was recently revealed that the team in Wizards of the Coast who helped greenlight the RPG were part of the company’s recent layoffs.

Swen Vincke, the CEO of Larian Studios, thanked a ton of people for the success of BG3, going out of his way to thank the D&D team in Wizards of the Coast. That’s also where Vincke revealed that the team who helped greenlight BG3 and helped make it a reality were no longer with the Hasbro branch.

“I also want to thank Wizards of the Coast and specifically the DnD team for giving us carte blanche. I’m really sorry to hear so many of you were let go,” Vincke tweeted. “It’s a sad thing to realize that of the people who were in the original meeting room, there’s almost nobody left. I hope you all end up well.”

Considering how much Baldur’s Gate 3 relies on the D&D license, it is sad how the team that approved the game is no longer with the company. In a way, if it weren’t for the team involved, we wouldn’t have this Game of the Year to begin with, which would be a shame.

Wizards of the Coast isn’t the only company that’s made layoffs, as various gaming publishers have also cut a percent of the workforce. Everyone from Epic Games, to Bungie and Embracer has made major layoffs this year, making 2023 one of the worst years in gaming. Sure, a lot of the games made were good, but firing a ton of the people who made them was an insensitive move.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC, with physical editions of the RPG coming out soon. Hopefully, we won’t see as many layoffs next year, since there doesn’t seem to be a need for them.

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