Free PSVR 2 upgrades are coming for these PSVR games

It was disappointing for many fans to hear about the PSVR 2 not having backward compatibility with original PSVR games. Thankfully, a number of PSVR games will be receiving updates that will allow owners to re-download them on PSVR 2 at no extra cost.

Sony not adding PSVR compatibility to PSVR 2 is confusing, as VR products are already pretty niche, let alone the games for them. Adding to the confusion is how backward compatibility has worked out well for the PlayStation 5, especially after its dry launch period.

Overall, it’s good to see these developers think of the PSVR fans who bought these games and are buying a PSVR 2. Hopefully, we see that same energy for other games on these systems from here on out, though we’re somewhat doubtful on that end.

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During an announcement on The PlayStation Blog, it was announced that Pistol Whip VR, After The Fall, and Zenith: The Last City will have free PSVR 2 upgrades for owners of the original games. Unfortunately, they are the only games that are giving free upgrades for PSVR owners, though more are likely to come in the next few weeks or months.

While not exactly the same, The Light Brigade is a cross-buy game, so anyone who gets it for PSVR will also own it on PSVR 2 and vice-versa. This is another strategy that continues to be popular for PS4 and PS5 games, alongside Xbox One and Xbox Series titles for Microsoft.

Sadly, we don’t expect this trend to last for too long, as Sony has been mandating paid upgrades for cross-gen games recently. God of War Ragnarök will require a paid upgrade from PS4 to PS5, as will most first-party cross-gen titles from here on out.

The PSVR 2 will be coming out next year, on February 22, 2023. Oddly enough, the system will be more expensive than the PlayStation 5, so those sales charts will be very interesting.

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