Destiny 2 offline play teased in sponsored Google advert

Destiny 2 offline play revealed - a portrait of Guardian Cayde-6 looking down focus

Destiny 2 offline play revealed - a portrait of Guardian Cayde-6 looking down focus

Bungie’s popular MMOFPS Destiny 2 may finally be playable offline in an upcoming update. After years of fan requests, Destiny 2 offline play has been seemingly revealed early in recent Google ads.

Initially pointed out in a ResetEra thread, Destiny 2 offline play has been teased in a sponsored Google advert for the online shooter. When searching for Destiny 2, the advert can be seen at the top of the search engine.

At the time of writing, the sponsored slot reads: “Bungie - Destiny 2: New Adventures Online and Off.” We can confirm that this advert is real, and can be seen across both desktop and mobile versions of the Google search engine.

An image of Google search results for Destiny 2 revealing Bungie’s Destiny 2 offline mode update
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On the left are mobile search results from this morning. On the right, desktop results from ResetEra.

Bungie has teased an offline mode for Destiny 2 in the past. Recent surveys to fans have been used to gauge the popularity of an offline play option as the game gets older. While Bungie doesn’t appear to be done with the online game after its upcoming expansion The Final Shape, the developer does have other titles in the works.

For example, Bungie is working on at least two titles at the time of writing. Firstly, there’s Marathon, an extraction shooter set in a rebooted version of the developer’s iconic 90s Mac games. Secondly, the studio is working on “Matter”, a Destiny-like looter shooter that will succeed the current game. Recent reports also claim that the studio is working on a MOBA game.

In the ResetEra thread, many fans wondered how Destiny would even work offline, although we don’t see that to be a problem. In fact, there’s already a way to play the game offline on PC using the Destiny 2 Solo Enabler which still works on the current version of the game.

While not the most requested feature in the game, Destiny 2 offline play will be a great addition to the game for the sake of preservation. Despite the issues it has, Bungie’s core Destiny gameplay is still strong, and fans will want to revisit it years into the future.

At the time of writing, Bungie still has huge plans for Destiny 2. Following the unfortunate passing of Commander Zavala actor Lance Reddick, the role has been recast with Keith David in the role. Alongside the return of Nathan Fillion, the online game’s story is aiming to go hard in the next expansion.

Destiny 2 is currently available as a free-to-play title on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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