Nathan Fillion releases celebratory Destiny 2 video as he returns from the dead

Nathan Fillion releases celebratory Destiny 2 video as he returns from the dead Cayde-6

Everyone’s favourite B-lister Nathan Fillion is back from the dead as beloved Destiny 2 character Cayde-6. To celebrate his return to Destiny 2, the actor released a short Instagram video for fans of the franchise.

In the video, via Twitter, Fillion can be seen enjoying a drink before talking to a cute toy version of his Destiny character. Seemingly set in the actor’s house, the video is a short threat for fans of the actor.

“Well, buddy, I'm not going to lie. I've missed ya," the actor says. “And I’ve heard the people have missed you, too.”

Fans are already excited for Fillion’s return of Cayde-6 in The Final Shape, especially following the passing of Commander Zavala voice actor Lance Reddick.

Cayde-6’s the return was already revealed in a trailer for The Final Shape expansion earlier this week. The trailer shows the character having a short conversation with Ikora Rey, plus one of the three Vanguards, wondering where he is.

Fans are definitely happy to see the actor celebrating his return to the role with many expressing their elation on social media. 

"Cayde is such a beloved character and Nathan did such an awesome voice acting for it,” one fan said on Twitter. “Also, after Lance passing it is heartwarning to see such a fan favorite character coming back with the original VA.”

Other Destiny fans can't wait to delve into the expansion to finally be able to see the ending to the game’s current story arc. Bungie has already has confirmed that the next expansion, The Final Shape, will conclude the current storyline before fans are moved onto the next one.

While many fans are excited about the upcoming expansion, others are still wary. With fan outcry for Bungie to abandon the second game in favour of a third entry, there’s obviously no pleasing everyone.
Nevertheless, Nathan Fillion fans are having a good time!

There’s currently no release date for Destiny 2: The Final Shape. However, the expansion will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Furthermore, Bungie is also working on a new multiplayer title, Marathon, a Tarkov-style take on their classic FPS franchise.

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