Lance Reddick was still playing Destiny 2 the night before his death

Lance Reddick next to his Destiny 2 character Commander Zavala

Lance Reddick next to his Destiny 2 character Commander Zavala

Fans of Bungie’s FPS RPG Destiny 2 have discovered that the late Lance Reddick was still playing hours before his death. Known by fans as the voice of Commander Zavala, Reddick was beloved by the community.

Since his passing on Saturday, fans of the online multiplayer game have honoured the believer actor. Thousands of players paid tribute to the actor by surrounding his character in the game.

However, one player went even further, attempting to discover the last time Lance Reddick played Destiny 2. As it turns out, the actor was playing just hours before he passed away.

On the Destiny 2 subreddit, one fan found Reddick’s account on the BungieNet service. The actor was playing the game just the day before he died, fighting his way through the recent Lightfall expansion.

In a sad turn of events, Reddick never got to finish the new expansion. In fact, the actor played right up until the last mission, but was seemingly stuck on the final act.

Looking into the actor’s BungieNet profile, Lance Reddick played a lot of Destiny. The actor had over 1,400 hours in the original game and an additional 1,400 hours in its sequel. The actor even has multiple characters including a Warlock and a Titan.

On Reddit, fans expressed their sadness over the actor’s passing, especially after realising how much of a fan he was.

“He wasn't just an employee man, he was a f**kin FAN,” one comment reads. “There aren't many of those, anymore. He is gone far, far too soon.”

“Looking at his recent game history, he was playing almost every single day, practically every chance he got,” reads another. “You can tell that he was incredibly passionate about this game and his role in it. Rest in Peace Commander Lance.”

Following fans’ tributes, the actor’s wife Stephanie Reddick released a tweet thanking fans for their support.

“To the thousands of Destiny players who played in special tribute to Lance, thank you,” the tweet reads. “Lance loved you as much as he loved the game.”

Fans are still unsure what the future of Reddick’s Destiny character will be. With the Lightfall expansion just released, Bungie hasn’t revealed whether the actor has already recorded lines for the next story. However, there is a possibility of future appearances.

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