Destiny 2 successor Matter abandons internal tech for Unreal Engine

Destiny 2 successor Matter abandons internal tech for Unreal Engine character shooting

What's our Destiny, Bungie? Apparently, not the old internal tech that has been used so far. Yes, the studio is going in a different direction for their future PvP title - so far named Matter - as it will use Unreal Engine to power the game.

This is according to the LinkedIn profile of Robert Engeln, former Creative Director at Bungie and also several other job postings that the studio published over the recent years. They all seem to go in a different direction, requiring candidates to be familiar with Unreal Engine.

According to Engeln’s profile, it wasn't always the case. As the first prototypes for its still unannounced IP were still using Unity "to support early gameplay investigations”. The switch to Unreal Engine apparently came later, with the team growing in numbers. “I led the efforts to build a more substantial prototype in Unreal,” mentions Engeln.

On the platform, Bungie also published other job listings - still all targeting an yet unannounced PvP title - requiring the candidate to be familiar with the UE tech. This was mentioned in such as roles as Level Designer and Environment Artist.

In the past, Bungie was definitely faithful to its internal tech. For Destiny, the studio stuck to the Tiger Engine, which comes from the past. It is actually an updated version of the original engine which powered the Halo games, the Blam! Engine.

Probably the studio realized that the best way forward was to try and update their tech with a package that is quickly becoming the overall de facto standard for modern games. Especially with the release of Unreal Engine 5, it seems that many developers - even indie ones - are quickly jumping on the bandwagon.

With Bungie yet to announce anything, we will see what is in store for the future of Matter. For the moment, we could say its... Destiny remains wrapped in shadows.

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