Baldur's Gate 3 characters are getting new kissing scenes

Baldur's Gate 3 character Astarian with cartoonishly exaggerated eyes and lips

A Baldur's Gate 3 fan has dug deep into the game's code, revealing several new romantic scenes for each of the game's companions. The code has also revealed that players will soon have a new way to recruit potential companion Minthara.

In a post shared on Twitter, user @faery_willow attached screenshots of her findings. These included the ability to kiss romanced companions every day, with players soon able to lock lips with companions before the game's final battle in act three.

The post goes on to reveal that 'poisonous' kisses are being added for companion Minthara, while players will soon be able to hug all companions and receive accompanying dialogue. Hugs are implied to be available in both platonic and romantic contexts, so there's no need to worry about love triangles.

The next update to Baldur's Gate looks to bring more than just romance, however. New Halsin dialogue shows that he will present an ultimatum, forcing players to choose whether he or Minthara will stick around.

Fans were a-buzz in the comments beneath the post, sharing their excitement. Many expressed appreciation for the support that Baldur's Gate's developers have shown the game post-launch. One fan wrote "Sometimes people just need to learn how to be patient and respectful. I'm so happy with all the new stuff we're receiving, and the effort everyone's putting into it - I can't wait to see the new hug animation for every companion!"

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Others were surprised at the news that Minthara will be easier to recruit - she's historically been a character more-or-less reserved for evil playthroughs. One reply put it best, saying "Oh? A way to get Minthara that doesn’t mean I have to kill a boat load of innocent NPCs?? I might finally recruit her - wouldn’t have the heart otherwise, hahaha."

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available right now on PlayStation 5 and PC. An Xbox port is expected to release in December, finally.

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