Baldur's Gate 3 expansion isn't happening anytime soon

baldurs gate 3 expansion not happening
Credit: Larian Studios

baldurs gate 3 expansion not happening
Credit: Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to break records and could be the best RPG released this year. While fans might want more in the future, Larian Studios has said no expansion pack is currently in the works.

Speaking with PC Gamer, Larian founder Swen Vincke says they haven’t started on an expansion yet. Vincke also discussed the difficulties of going past level 12 in Dungeons & Dragons, making an expansion unlikely.

"Honestly, we haven't started on an expansion," Vincke said.

DnD players know that going over level 12 can net you incredibly powerful skills that makes some fights easy. Abilities like Astral Projection and Power Word Kill can break campaigns if DMs (dungeon masters) aren’t smart enough.

Needless to say, don’t expect Baldur’s Gate 3 to go beyond level 12 with an expansion anytime soon. Vincke stated that if they even consider doing that, it would have to be a whole new game instead of just an expansion.

"[Level 12-20] adventures require a different way of doing things, in terms of antagonists you're going to have to deal with, which require a lot of development to do them properly," Vincke said. “Which would make this much more than an expansion in terms of development effort. A lot of D&D adventures are sub-level 12 for precisely that reason."

Considering just how much content is available in the base package, we doubt fans will be craving for DLC anytime soon. It’s not every day you see games have 170 hours of cinematics or 17,000 different endings to get.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is unique in that it was seemingly a niche project that had AAA funding. While the series has always been popular with PC gamers, even the devs didn’t expect over 800,000 concurrent players. The fact this RPG can be played offline with no microtransactions has also impressed many, even though it should be the standard.

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PC players can pick up Baldur’s Gate 3 now. The PS5 version will be coming out next month, on September 6.

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