How to clear cache on PS4 (and why you should)

Your PS4 is hobbling along on its last legs, you've had it since launch, and it just doesn't go like it used to. Maybe it's time to clear your cache on PS4 then.

You see, it might not just be the intense layer of sedimentary dust that has formed over your PS4 and its fans that's the issue, sometimes you just need a reset. This can help clear up how your PS4 actually operates, which, in turn, can positively impact how it runs.

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It's a great way to give your PS4 a pick-me-up ahead of your incinerating it and burying it in the back garden in some kind of ritualistic farewell. You could also send it out on a boat with some elves, or have it fly into the sky or something.

Maybe don't do those things, but you definitely should consider clearing your cache on PS4. The thing is, you need to know how to clear your cache on PS4, and that's where we come in.

How to clear your cache on PS4

Clearing your cache on PS4 is as easy as ABC(DEF), just follow these steps.

  • Turn off your PS4
  • Wait until the lights have completely disappeared from it
  • Unplug the power cord from the PS4
  • Do 30 seconds of push-ups (or just sit there wasting your time)
  • Plug the power cord back in
  • Turn your PS4 back on again.
  • Relish in the clearness of your cache, oh so clear
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Why you should clear your cache on PS4

Clearing your cache should help your PS4 run a little smoother as it frees up some of the resources previously allocated to specific things.

Basically, your PS4 will remember some bits here and there to make for a smoother experience, but as you play more and more and do more and more it gets clogged up.

So, by clearing it you might make some specific things load a little slower the first time, but the overall performance of your PS4 should see a marked improvement.

This is, as you'll probably have noticed, much cheaper than buying a PS4 Pro, so could well be considered a money-saving alternative while you wait for the PS5.

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