OnePlus Ace: Release Date Rumours, Price, Specs, and Features

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The new OnePlus Ace looks to be heading our way and understandably, the first thing we'd love to know is a release date.

OnePlus are makers of some of the best mid-range phones out there, and the upcoming OnePlus Ace, if leaks are to be believed, may be a fantastic example of such.

It comes alongside some other exciting Android smartphones that have also seen plenty of leaks in recent times such as the Vivo X80 series and Motorola Moto G52, but this new OnePlus offering may just take the biscuit of one of the best new phones when it releases.

Here’s everything you need to know, and why you should be excited about an all-new OnePlus device.

OnePlus Ace Release Date Rumours

We have heard nothing official from OnePlus concerning a release date for the Ace, or even that the phone exists, truth be told, but a leak has suggested you may not have too long to wait.

Tipster Yogesh Brar, in a recent Tweet, quoted a leaked release date roadmap for OnePlus' 2022 smartphones with the OnePlus 10R (now referred to as the OnePlus Ace) being in May, which is only in a handful of weeks' time.

It looks as though the release date for the Ace won't lineup with the traditional six-month release window for OnePlus' R and RT devices, as the 9R was released in April 2021, with the improved 9RT hitting shelves six months later in October 2021 in China and January 2022 in India.

It's worth noting that the R-series of phones also don't traditionally see a global launch, so when the OnePlus Ace does release, it'll make sense for it to only be in China and India, as this would be in keeping with last year's handsets.

OnePlus Ace Specs

Unlike with the release date where we aren't too sure of the OnePlus Ace (or 10R), we do have a fair bit of info when it comes to the phone's specs.

The spec sheet was fully leaked back in March by 91Mobiles, and a recent article from reliable leakers Digital Chat Station (via GSMArena) looks to concur with the earlier information.

They both state the Ace is likely to be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chipset and feature a choice of either 8GB or 12GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage. In addition, it should feature a 6.7inch AMOLED panel, complete with a super smooth 120Hz refresh rate

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The Ace also looks to feature a triple rear camera complete with a 50MP main sensor, as well as an 8MP ultrawide and 2MP macro unit, which would make it pretty powerful indeed. As for its selfie camera, that should feature a punch hole style design and feature a 16MP sensor.

As for battery life and charging, the phone has been purported to come with a beefy 5000mAh capacity and 150W fast charging which, for such an affordable phone, seems rather powerful indeed.

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Intriguingly, the spec sheet of the OnePlus Ace looks remarkably like the Realme GT Neo 3. As a result, it's been stated that OnePlus has essentially reskinned a subsidiary brand's phone to release under their own name.

Both firms, alongside the likes of Oppo (who previously released phones named Ace) and Vivo, are all owned by BBK Electronics, interestingly.

OnePlus Ace Design

When it comes to the phone's design, we've seen a couple of renders courtesy of 91Mobiles that, based on the spec sheet, look to give us an idea of what the OnePlus Ace could end up looking like. You can check one of the pictures out below:

OnePlus 10R Yogesh Brar 91mobiles
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Image Credit: 91Mobiles

These renders look to show the OnePlus Ace as having quite a large display alongside thin bezels, and a good-looking shell, complete with a triple camera. The phone is also expected, according to leakers, to do away with OnePlus' traditional alert slider where you can either put it on silent, vibrate or let it ring.

We've also seen some leaked images of the front of the phone when plugged in from WhyLab (via GSMArena) that seem. tolinr up with the renders provided by 91Mobiles that show off the phone charging, as well as its large display:

oneplus ace charging
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Image Credit: WhyLab (via GSMArena)

Intriguingly also, the above render and design of the OnePlus Ace lines up with the Realme GT Neo 3 (albeit without the bright colours and racing stripes), providing more weight to the idea that the two phones are going to be identical, apart from the brand name:

realme gt neo 3
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Image Credit: Realme

OnePlus Ace Price

As for pricing though, we haven't had any details from leakers, but we can use the OnePlus 9R and RT releases from last year to get an idea of what the next generation might cost.

Depending on storage and RAM configuration, the standard OnePlus 9R retailed for either ¥2599/₹39,999 or ¥2999/₹43,999 which put it within the £399-£439/$519-$579 price range, based on current exchange rates

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It would make sense for the Ace to keep within a similar price range, although we may see an increase, as there was between the 9R and 9RT.

We can also look at the Realme GT Neo 3 to get an idea of price, given how similar the phone's spec sheets look to be. It retails for ¥2,599/₹31,100 for the 8GB/128GB model and ¥2,799/₹33,400 for the 12GB/256GB.

As and when we get more information, we'll be sure to let you know.

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