PS5 Digital Edition Black: Release date, pre-order, leaked images, price predictions, fan designs and PlayStation comments on the cheaper PS5 in black

Will the PS5 Digital Edition come in black? Here’s everything you need to know!

by Talal Musa
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Sony has finally revealed the PS5 alongside its price and release date. Along with the standard PS5, complete with a disc port, Sony also revealed the Digital Edition – which, like its slightly bulkier sibling, comes in white. Well… for now, anyway. We’re hoping the PS5 console will come in black too.

Remember, Sony previously tweeted an image of a plain black DualSense PS5 controller – if that’s not a clue, we don’t know what is. And now a leaked image has been doing the rounds, seeming to show a black PS5 console.

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With that in mind, here’s everything we know about the PS5 Digital Edition Black version…

PS5 Digital Edition Black Release date

There’s no word yet on the PS5 Digital Edition Black’s release date, and following Sony’s seemingly final main event before the PS5’s release on November 12, there’s no chance a black version will be available at launch, with mid-to-late 2021 looking like the earliest date.

The original PS4 was black; it was sleek, it was svelte, it was stunning, but PlayStation’s design team have shaken things up with the PS5’s two-tone design that also translates to the Digital Edition.

However, all hope is not lost for a black version of the console…

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PS5 Digital Edition Black teased by leaked images of black DualSense

Photos of a black DualSense controller surfaced online following the discovery of a US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) listing filed by Sony for a black version of the PS5’s controller.

The listing, which can be viewed here, was submitted in April, and includes images of an all-black PS5 controller, seen in the below Tweet.

While this device is almost certainly real, as its buttons do not have any markings, it could instead be a prototype version of the DualSense, handed out to developers or testers, for example. If this is the case, we might never see anything come to fruition from these images.

However, we’re remaining confident that this is proof enough that Sony hasn’t thrown out ALL of its black paint.

Furthermore, this leaked image has been doing the rounds on ResetEra, although not everyone is convinced that it’s real…

black ps5 leaked image confirmed

Could this mean that a plain black PS5 is in the pipeline, perhaps as an option for late adopters that don’t buy the white one at launch?

It certainly seems like there’s a hunger for this in the fan community. For example, this fan-made rendering of a black PS5 came through I’mDesigner.exe, who masterfully mocked up a PS5 in black…

Fan made PS5 Black
KEPT YOU WAITING HUH? Impressive rendering, but still, far from an official announcement

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PlayStation Exec comments on PS5 colours

After Geoff Keighley’s hands-on with the DualSense event, Eric Lempel, PlayStation’s Head of Global Marketing, gave an interview to Keighley in which he was pressed about PS5 colour variants.

“Right now, it’s a hard enough job to get the unit we showed out,” explained Lempel “so, we’ll talk about it at some point.”

Lempel seems to be hinting that a black PS5 variant may be coming down the line, but perhaps not until after the release of the base PlayStation 5 this year.

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PS5 Digital Edition Black price

We now know the PS5 Digital Edition is priced cheaper than the base PS5, costing $399.99/£359.99 compared to the PS5’s $499.99/£449.99 price point.

The original PlayStation and PS2 hit the shelves at £299, with the PS3 at £425 and PS4 at £350.

We’d expect that if Sony ever does release a Digital Edition in black that the next-gen console will also cost $399.99/£349.99, although this isn’t connfirmed.

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PS5 Digital Edition Black pre-order

The white PS5’s pre-orders opened on September 17. But given there is no news on a black version of either the Digital Edition or the base PlayStation 5, we don’t expect pre-orders to open anytime soon for a black variant.

A day later, on 18th September, the UK retailer Argos started listing PS5 consoles as well: you can click here to view the product range from Argos, but it looks like the stock is selling out as quickly as it goes up.

For fans in the UK, the retailer Curry’s is one place that seemed to have stock recently: you can click right here to go to the Curry’s PS5 page, but again, it looks like their stock is coming and going very fast.

Things are not looking good at Amazon right now: at the time of this sentence being written, the Amazon product page for the PS5 Standard Edition in the UK says ‘Currently Unavailable’, which means the first wave of stock may have run out. You can click here to check the Amazon page, though – it might have updated since we wrote this.

The PS5 Digital Edition also seems to be out of stock at Amazon – you can click here to check out the product page for that one.

There is also a whole family of official PS5 products, from headsets to charging stations, which are available to order now – you can click here to check out the range.

While PlayStation 5’s seem to have sold out across the board, restocks are imminent, and so we’d recommend keeping an eye on these links!

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Black PS5 Media Remote

The PS5 has a built-in BluRay player, which allows you to watch movies and more in incredible quality.

The PS5 Media Remote certainly looks slick, but will it come in black?

There’s no official word just yet, asides from the fact it has a built-in microphone. It would be fair to assume that if the black PS5 controller goes ahead, the remote would get the same treatment.

But could this all mean that a plain black PS5 is in the pipeline, perhaps as an option for late adopters that don’t buy the white one at launch?

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A gold PS5?

If black’s not really your style, this gold PS5 will class up your gaming setup!

TrulyExquisite, who describe themselves as “the UK’s Premier Luxury Customisation Brand” has released images of a custom gold PlayStation 5 console they intend to make.

Their custom PS5’s will be available in 24k Gold, Platinum and 18k Rose Gold.


On their PS5 page, which you can visit here, TrulyExqusite adds that they “cannot wait to start custom making these true beauties.”

The company has stated they estimate to start shipping the gold PS5’s in December 2020.

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Talal Musa