PS5 controller black version: Midnight Black DualSense controller revealed alongside Cosmic Red controller! Plus release date, price, gold DualSense and more!

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A black PS5 controller is what lots of PlayStation owners want to see, but will a black DualSense actually happen?

The answer to that question is yes!

When Sony first teased the PS5, it revealed a two-tone, black-and-white DualSense controller. This aesthetic - also found in the PS5 console itself - has proved quite divisive for long-time PlayStation owners who have bought pure black consoles for the past couple of generations.

A black PS5 controller would bring the console back in line with the Xbox Series X and its black controller. However, thanks to the Series S controller, Xbox fans already have the choice between black or white next-gen controllers, while Xbox owners are also interested in a potential white Xbox Series X console, too.

So, will Sony appease its fans and release a pure black PS5 controller and console? It appears that they will, following the release of a new trailer...

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Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 controllers revealed

PlayStation has revealed its two upcoming PlayStation 5 controller designs, the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black DualSense controllers.

The thirty-second trailer confirms the rumours first reported by the Spanish site Area Juegos earlier this month.

The two controllers both keep the bottom shell of the DualSense controller, while the white body is replaced by a red and black design in the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black versions, respectively.

You can see the two controllers in the trailer below.

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PS5 controller black design

You can see the official images released by Sony of its Midnight Black and Cosmic Red controller below.

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Image: PlayStation

In explaining the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red design, Sony's Leo Cardosa said: "We wanted the new controller colors to complement each other, as well as the original DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console, so we designed the colors around the theme of ‘galaxy’ as it felt like a natural progression from the original PS5 and accessories designs.”

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Image: PlayStation

Alongside the colour changes, both controllers also feature new button colours and detailing to go alongside the new designs. However, as designer Satoshi Aoyagi also highlighted, the subtle blue hue of the DualSense remains.

PS5 controller black release date

The DualSense controller and PS5 first launched on November 12, 2020 - without a black variant in sight.

The Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 controllers are slated to release on June 18, and are available to pre-order right now.

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Sony comments on a black PS5 controller

"Traditionally our base controllers have a single color," Sony said in its original blog post about the PS5 controller. “As you can see, we went a different direction this time around, and decided on a two-toned design."

This quote did throw the idea of a black PS5 controller into the realms of uncertainty, yet as we now know, Sony has quickly moved into new colour variants.

In an interview with Geoff Keighley, PlayStation's Head of Marketing Eric Lempel commented on potential colour variants of the PS5. "Right now, it’s a hard enough job to get the unit we showed out so, we’ll talk about it at some point."

While it's clear the focus for the moment is simply releasing enough PS5 consoles to satisfy demand, no matter the colour, it seems the PS5 controller does not suffer from these shortages.

So, with that in mind, when can we actually get our hands on them?

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Black DualSense FCC images

Did Sony reveal the Midnight Black controller a while ago?

Courtesy of a listing filed by Sony to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which can be viewed here, we can see images of an all-black PS5 controller.

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Image: Sony

We're not sure, however, whether this controller was just the prototype for the PS5 rather than a mock-up of the Midnight Black product intended for consumer use, given the absence of the button logos.

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PS5 controller black price

Currently, the DualSense controller costs £59.99/$69.99.

Both the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense controllers have the same RRP as the base PS5 controller. However, the Amazon listing for the Cosmic Red in the UK has the price set at £64.99.

As for the Cosmic Red variant in the US, it's already out of stock. If these controllers are limited in stock, don't be surprised if scalpers quickly buy these DualSense's to make a quick profit on eBay.

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How about a gold DualSense?

We've seen gold-painted DualShock controllers in the past, but the company TrulyExquisite are offering 24k gold plated PS5 controllers alongside a fully gold PS5!

Their custom PlayStation 5 selection, which you can view here, is available in 24k Gold, Platinum, or 18k Rose Gold.

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