GOLD PS5 price revealed: Pre-orders opening soon for super-limited 24 k gold, platinum and 18 k rose gold PS5 consoles

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While you're waiting on the announcement of a black version or other variant of the PS5, why not turn your attention for the super limited edition 24 karat gold PS5 recently unveiled by luxury brand Truly Exquisite?

Right now, Sony has only officially announced the white model of the PS5. However, Truly Exquisite has taken it upon itself to venture into other colours, although may have gone a bit too far in some people's eyes. The brand has confirmed that it will produce PS5 consoles plated with 24 karat gold, platinum and 18 karat gold.

Fancy getting your hands on one of these uber-rare collector's items? They're almost available to pre-order, despite the PS5's official price or release date not being confirmed.

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Read on for all the details on these interesting specimens...

Introducing the 24 k gold PS5

Gold PS5 controller
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This is definitely what Spandau Ballet were singing about.

Truly Exquisite, the brand behind the gold PS5, writes on its website that: "The long awaited and much anticipated Sony Playstation 5 just got even better! Truly Exquisite are proud to announce that we bring to you yet another release first. This time it will be in the form of the brand new Sony PS5. Available to buy in luxury 24K Gold, Platinum and also 18K Rose Gold finishes."

In the mockups of the 24 k gold console, the DualSense controller and Pulse 3D headset are also gold-plated. Presumably, the console will ship with these, but they may also be available individually as well.

Truly Exquisite CEO Kunal Patel commented: "PS5 is arguably the most anticipated games console to ever be released and many people have been waiting years for this release. By offering a luxury limited edition PS5 for those individuals that truly want to stand out will be a popular choice."

He also hinted at just how limited the console would be, adding "These will be hugely popular especially due to them being limited pieces with probably no more than 100 pieces released worldwide."

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Platinum and rose gold versions

Platinum and rose gold consoles
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Note: not the official mockups!

In addition to the 24 k gold PS5, the company has also revealed that it will produce platinum and 18 k gold versions of the console. No images have been made available yet, so we've taken the liberty of producing some crude mockups above...

These versions will likely cost less than the main gold console, and may be produced in higher quantities. All this is just conjecture, of course, so if you're keen on finding out right away, sign up for updates!

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Gold PS5 Pulse 3D headset
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Gold PS5 price

Truly Exquisite has finally revealed the eye-watering price of its PS5 range, and as you'd expect, they're not cheap. The 24k Gold console will set you back a whopping £8099, while the Rose Gold and Platinum versions are priced at £8199 and £8299, respectively.

If this is just out of your price range, the budget version of the PS5, the 24k Gold Digital Edition, will cost you £7999. This saving of £100 is also reflected in the Rose Gold and Platinum variants of the Digital Edition.

However, there's more value to this console than you think. Each console comes with two DualSense controllers and a Pulse 3D headset. The Gold DualSense is priced at £649, while the PS5's bespoke headset will cost £349.

If these prices haven't put you off, you'll need to get your wallets ready, as pre-orders are opening pretty soon...

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Gold PS5 release date and pre-orders

While there's currently no release date for the PS5 or DualSense controller, Truly Exquisite estimate that their products will be available from December 2020, aiming to distribute their consoles from December to February 2021.

Pre-orders for the gold PS5 will open on Thursday 10th September at 3 PM GMT (4 PM BST/11 AM ET). As you'd expect from a luxury product, these products will be in short supply when they launch, with Truly Exquisite announcing that they will create 250 units per colour/model. Of these 250, only 100 will be able to buy immediately, with Truly Exquisite stating the rest will "be distributed to various worldwide retailers, sellers & VIP Clients."

Pre-orders will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and will require a hefty 50% deposit upon the order.

You can view Truly Exquisite's PS5 collection here.

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