What will the PS5 console's retail packaging look like? One fan reveals an AWESOME box design concept

With Sony asking fans to sign up for PS5 pre-orders, there's a sense in the air that the PS5 could arrive in our lives at any minute. But what will the box it comes in looks like?

Despite not knowing the PS5 release date, fans around the globe are preparing to drop hundreds of bucks on paying the PS5 price. So it is a bit weird to not actually know what it'll look like, packaging-wise, when the PS5 arrives.

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As you'd expect, at least one fan has taken matters into their own hands and designed their own idea for a PS5 box. Keep reading to take a look...

Fan-made PS5 console box

A fan named Vinícius de Jesus has come up with a very convincing idea of what the PS5 should look like in a box, and he posted it on Behance for the world to see.

You can check out the fan-made concept art for the PS5 box right here...

ps5 retail packaging
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Sony, hire this guy for all your box-designing needs!

Using existing images of the PS5 console and various PS5 tie-in products, coupled with the official PS5 logo and the 'play has no limits' slogan, Vinícius de Jesus's work looks like it could be the real thing (even though we know it's not!).

It even has screengrabs from announced PS5 games like Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Here's hoping that Sony's actual design team can come up with something equally good!

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PS5 game cases are official

Although we don't have an official PS5 box design yet, we do have a few genuine PS5 game cases to ogle over!

As you can see below, PS5 game cases will have a white bar across the top, instead of the blue that we're used to from the PS4 days...

PS5 game case
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It's interesting that they decided to stick with the blue plastic, though. A white border around the whole thing would've been cool, but perhaps Sony just has a surpluss supply of blue boxes to get rid of.

As soon as Sony reveals the official box for the PS5 console, we'll be sure to let you know! Watch this space, folks...

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