Beyond PS5: Sony files trademarks for PS6, PS7, PS8 and PS9 consoles

Protecting your assets is just something that is a pre-requisite to make sure that you’re covered for whatever you’re creating for an audience.

Apple trademark patents and even ideas of names for future products, for the ‘just in case’ scenario.

Sony have been trademarking their ‘PlayStation’ name for twenty years now, beginning with the first model, and with the PS5 being trademarked back in 2006.

But now future trademarks have been discovered, with many more names to PlayStation console successors now the property of Sony.


Thanks to Gematsu, Sony trademarked the following:

  • PS6
  • PS7
  • PS8
  • PS9
  • PS10

Considering that we are mere months away from the launch of PS5, and every major console from Sony is around seven years, we could expect the ‘PS10’ to arrive in the year 2055.

Quite a way away from Sony expecting any court battles for that console, but it only shows just how powerful the naming of the ‘PlayStation’ brand is, and even if the gaming industry moves away from consoles as a gaming-service in the next twenty years, the name can still be the method of how someone plays games in the far future.

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With the Playstation 5 soon to be in many living rooms by this Christmas, it’s not surprising that Sony want to protect the brand regardless. But who knows; we could see a totally different name in 30 years that could overtake the ‘PlayStation’ brand.

One can only imagine what a PS7 or a PS10 could be like; perhaps a toaster, or a type of eyepatch, or just total, immersive VR.

Or in 2055 we could just have the same design of console that harkens back to the PlayStation 2 for no reason, or just as an AI. A PS7 that is a total AI construct; the future is totally unpredictable, even in these times of social media and CGI movies.

But as a famous Doctor once said, ‘the future is whatever you make it’, and in the case of Sony and the gaming industry, that‘s even more relevant in these uncertain times.

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