PS5 robot companion will sense your feelings, weird Sony patent reveals

The PS5 is no longer the mystery it used to be, but we weren't expecting this piece of the news: the console could be getting a robot companion!

We've seen the insides of the console, and we've even seen the DualSense, which is the next generation of the PlayStation controller.

We haven't quite seen it all though. We're still waiting on an official PS5 release date and price, both of which are pretty important.

One thing we weren't expecting was to get a good look at a robot companion, but hey, it's 2020 and apparently anything can happen this year, so why not?

PS5 Robot Companion revealed?

So, Sony has filed a patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office that details a physical robot companion.

That's strange enough, but the design of it is weirdly charming and looks a lot like something a toddler would draw if they attempted to draw Kirby.

It's got a cloud for a body, two little stumpy arms and legs, and big anime eyes. The whole point of the little thing is to sit next to you and react to your gaming or watch films and TV with you.

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This is official Sony artwork, not a child's drawing for your fridge.
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This is official Sony artwork, not a child's drawing for your fridge.

Details from the patent

The wording in the patent is equally strange: "The actual object may be a human-type pet-type robot, and is preferable to be able to output at least audio and to move an arm, a leg, a neck, etc., by having ca motor at a joint portion.

"A user places a robot nearby and views contents together, while the robot communicates with the user by outputting a reaction to empathize with the user or outputting a reaction against the user conversely, on the basis of a deduced user's feeling."

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Who knows what Sony execs are plotting with this thing!
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Who knows what Sony execs are plotting with this thing!

What is going on here??

That means it's designed to comfort you, mimic genuine human interaction, maybe help you relax after a long day spent dying in Dark Souls 4. It's all incredibly Black Mirror, and you've got to wonder who they're really selling it to.

It seems like something that would appeal to children, but the patent image shows it sat with an adult.

It's an incredibly odd prospect no matter who it's aimed at, and the images contained within the patent are likely first versions of the thing. That means it could take any number of forms if it actually releases.

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