X-Men will be teased in Doctor Strange 2, says new leak

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding, but Phase 4 is looking to be bigger than ever. Most of the main Avengers are being phased out in favour of their younger counterparts, like Iron Man to Ironheart. Additionally, beloved Marvel characters like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are finally entering the universe.

We already know that both of these superhero teams will be coming to the MCU. However, it's not exactly clear how they'll be introduced. For the Fantastic Four, that's as easy as an origin film. For characters like the X-Men, it needs to be explained why mutants have never appeared in the MCU before.

Are the X-Men in Doctor Strange 2?

According to a report by leaker Grace Randolph, mutants will be teased in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. Initially, it was believed that the mutants would be introduced in WandaVision, but that turned out to be wishful thinking.

The mutant team will likely be introduced through some kind of multiverse event. After Loki, there are two upcoming multiverse movies on the horizon: Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With No Way Home already being an incredibly jam-packed film, Doctor Strange 2 is the next best option. 

According to Randolph, Doctor Strange 2 will feature an appearance from the X-Men. The leaker states that the mutants’ appearance in the MCU is still due to Wanda Maximoff. Randolph said, “I know for a fact that she'll be bringing some over for sure”.

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What characters will appear?

Randolph’s report claims that a few X-Men characters will appear, but she's not sure what versions of those characters will be used. According to Randolph, that's “a very closely guarded secret”. While, after No Way Home, many would assume that Marvel could bring in past actors, an all-new cast would likely be better for the MCU's longevity.

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Can this information be trusted?

Grace Randolph's prior leak history is shaky. While the leaker released very accurate Snyder Cut leaks over the years, other subjects have been rocky. However, Randolph’s report does reiterate a lot of information that other leakers have also been discussing.

If true, it’s not clear how much screen time the X-Men will be given in Doctor Strange 2. It could just be a tease of things to come. However, if they do appear, it will be a massive event for fans of Marvel characters everywhere.

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