Australian creates Robot Magpie to stop real magpies bullying him

Despite being one of the few people acting responsibly against the dreaded Rona, Australians face danger at every corner. There's heaps of snakes, spiders and other animals out to get them. One of those animals? Bloody magpies! And there's only one way to stop a Magpie, creating a robot magpie.

This robot magpie is a feat of Australian engineering

In response to Magpie Swooping Season, Australian YouTuber Electrosync created a robot magpie to quell the swoopy threat. As nesting season occurs, the magpies get very protective near their nests. For Electrosync, swooping birds was a problem to solve.

Initially, the YouTuber went through several different distractions to keep the magpies away. 3D-printed eyeballs, cable ties, branches and more over the past year. However, none of these solutions beat the YouTuber's custom-made 3D-printed robotic bird.

Last year, Electrosync created a robotic magpie, the Madpie 3000, as a deterrent for real “swoopy bois”. Originally, the head-mounted bird simply sat atop his helmet and blinked with large red eyes. That must made the real-life birds madder. This year, the YouTuber created a more advanced version of that idea.

Enter: Madpie 3000 V2. Instead of just sitting on the YouTuber's head and annoying other birds, this version actually moves. The Madpie 3000 flaps its wings, asserting mechanical dominance over ita real-life counterparts.

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Does is work though?

Out of all of the tools tested, the Madpie 3000 V2 was the most effective. The device didn't stop the magpies from swooping, but it did result in a far lower number of swoops. While a helmet full of eyeballs resulted in 5 swoops from the birds, the robot magpie saw just two.

Despite this, Electrosync will not be using the Madpie 3000 V2 on a regular basis. The machine drags in a lot of stares from passerby cars. Additionally, the machine is on the loud side. Nevertheless, if works!

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