Star Trek’s William Shatner calls Elon Musk a real-life ‘Supervillain’

CEO Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world. Does that make him evil? In an appearance on The Daily Show, William Shatner channeled his inner Captain Kirk and called Elon Musk a “supervillain”

It’s everything people who’ve dunked on the Tesla owner have wanted to hear but through the iconic voice of William Shatner. But is he right?

William Shatner shatters Elon Musk

Speaking on the show, William Shatner gave the billionaire a vocal beating. The actor spoke out about numerous aspects of the billionaire, including the time Musk filed to legally call himself the “Technoking.”

The Daily Show posted the eight-minute video making fun of Elon Musk, with William Shatner himself providing the narration. Despite being 91 years old, William Shatner showed that he’s still as charismatic as he was in the ‘60s, eloquently insulting Elon Musk in the best way possible.

Early on in the video, Shatner jokingly suggests that Musk might be eccentric but he isn’t quite a supervillain. We then cut to the time Musk mentions using Mars as a planet where they can shoot missiles, before Shatner says “well, maybe a little” when it comes to the billionaire’s supervillain nature.

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William Shatner means no harm

It’s clear that this video is more of a joke than a hit piece. While the barbs at Elon Musk are very entertaining, William Shatner also attacks The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, which is no surprise since this is a segment from the show. Still, hearing Shatner chastise Musk is a joy and we’re sure many fans of the actor will enjoy it.

Fans of The Daily Show also know that they aren’t exactly huge fans of corporate billionaires, so we’re sure some of the barbs towards Elon Musk were half-meant. It’s doubtful that Shatner feels the same way, though the actor did briefly go to space with Jeff Bezos, so maybe he hates him a little bit.

Elon Musk fanboys should relax, as these jokes aren’t going to hurt the owner of Twitter anytime soon. After all, he’s a billionaire and is planning to introduce a bunch of robots that will make our life better, supposedly. In the meantime, fans that miss William Shatner can check out Star Trek re-runs on the Paramount Plus service.

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