Working Tesla Bots will be available by September 2023, claims Musk

Elon Musk is a lot of things, one of them being confident. Just last week, the billionaire announced that Tesla’s AI Day would be delayed so they could prep up their Optimus prototype this September. Now, Musk is claiming that working Tesla Bots will be ready by September 2023.

Granted, there are more bots now than ever, but they’re far more limited than what Tesla proposes. However, if Elon Musk is correct, we’ll see the big humanoid Tesla Bots doing human tasks next year. While he should be commended for his enthusiasm, we think robotics still has a long way to go.

Working Tesla Bots in September 2023?

During last year’s Tesla AI Day, Elon Musk stated that Tesla Bots should be in production by 2023. Dubbed Optimus, the Tesla robot prototypes are pitched as safe, humanoid helpers. Considering that it’s named after the leader of the Autobots, we hope he keeps that promise.

"It will upend our idea of what the economy is," Musk said during video coverage of the event. "It will be able to do basically anything humans don’t want to do. It will do it. It’s going to bring an age of abundance. It may be hard to imagine it, but as you see Optimus develop, and we will make sure it’s safe, no Terminator stuff, it will transform the world to a degree even greater than the car.”

Tesla Bots are aiming to be incredibly powerful robotic tools, so much so that their commercial viability seems like a fallacy. With robotics experts at Boston Dynamics struggling to create slim, humans robots, it seems that Tesla’s dream is impossible.

Currently, major companies are struggling to keep their drones and AI bots up to date. With this in mind, we won’t be too surprised if the Optimus prototype ends up getting delayed again. While these Tesla Bots sound promising, we think 2023 is too soon to see them in action.

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Tesla Bots will lower labor costs (supposedly)

Musk’s goal with the Optimus prototype is to create a friendly robot that can do menial tasks for humans and eventually lower labor costs. The latter bit worried a number of working citizens who feel that their jobs could be at stake when these Tesla Bots officially get mass-produced.

“If you think about the economy, it is — the foundation of the economy is labor,” said Musk. “Capital equipment is distilled labor. So what happens if you don’t actually have a labor shortage? I’m not sure what an economy even means at that point. That’s what Optimus is about, so (it’s) very important.”

We doubt these Tesla Bots will actually end labor since capitalism is still rampant and people need the money more than ever. Honestly, we also doubt that these robots will be released in September 2023 but anything is possible.

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