Star Trek Discovery lead claims the show is still Star Trek, despite complaints

Star Trek: Discovery has been dividing the fanbase since it debuted, that hasn’t stopped Paramount from greenlighting five seasons of the show. Many fans claim that it’s too different from the Star Trek they grew itching clever serialised stories for teen

Despite the hate, lead actress Sonequa Martin-Green has responded to some of the criticism lobbied at the series, offering well-thought answers that would make Picard and Kirk proud.

Addressing the Star Trek: Discovery backlash

In an interview with Radio Times, Martin-Green said that she understands where the fans are coming from when it comes to their Star Trek: Discovery criticisms. Considering how long the franchise has lasted, Martin-Green gets why fans are so passionate and possessive over Star Trek, though calling internet fans “highly intellectual” was a bit too much.

"The fanbase for the franchise as a whole and the fanbase for Discovery in particular is a highly intellectual, loyal crowd," she began. "These are very intelligent people who have such a depth of passion and heart and loyalty to the franchise, so they have an ownership; they’ve carried it with them for years and it’s meant a lot to them.”

While Martin-Green does know where fans are coming from, the actress does state that Star Trek: Discovery will continue in its current direction. Martin-Green feels that the show has been able to find and flesh out its own identity, so it appears that Discovery fans will keep liking it while detractors won’t change their minds.

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"It’s hard to be different with something like this. It was hard for us to be different but I think we’ve really found ourselves and I think our fanbase has really found their relationship with us as well at this point," she continued. "That’s not to say that we’re robots and we don’t care when we hear somebody being really angry about something that we’ve done – it’s like, ‘aw man, that sucks’ – but at the same time we’re like, ‘we understand where you’re coming from’.

Concluding her thoughts, Martin-Green says that she hopes some fans will change their minds regarding how they feel about Star Trek: Discovery. However, she doesn’t chastise fans who don’t like the show, saying that they’re allowed to feel how they feel and that “it’s all good.”

"I get it. I hear you. But maybe you’ll change your mind. And if not, then you’re allowed – it’s all good,” says Martin-Green.

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Star Trek for fans who don’t like Discovery

Thankfully, there are a number of options available for those that don’t enjoy what they’ve seen in Star Trek: Discovery. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds takes place before the original series and has seemingly captured that vibe of exploring new planets as the old show did. Fans can also check on The Next Generation with Star Trek: Picard, which will be concluding soon.

Many Star Trek fans also enjoy Seth McFarlane’s The Orville. While it does occasionally have some of the creator’s Family Guy-esque jokes, the sci-fi show has enough heart and sci-fi tropes to interest many a lapsed Trek fan.

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